What's worse?

What's worse?

Postby BunELovecraft on Sat Mar 20, 2004 8:35 pm

I've had quite a few comments from fans I know irl (nobody emails me, but people do stop me in the hall on my way to the shower, or they IM me) about how perverse and horrible Elhaz is (Reguarding the "Clit Clamps" comment on page 3 of Mists 2). So I thought for fun i'd put some of the stuff I tossed out the windows for lines. Maybe you can see whats worse...some are funny, some are stupid...some just wouldn't fit...all are...just wrong.

Oh yeah, made some home brew nip clamps with huge crystals on them! I should get pictures ^.~

Anyway, the scrapped Elhaz Lines:

"Ok fine,when I win, I think I'd loove to give you a few more peircings to go with your ears. I think your nipples would look lovely with three rings and diamond barbells don't you?"

"Well then...when I win, I believe I'll be having your tight virgin ass repeatedly allll night"

"Well y'know Geli, I've always had this kinky fetish about chicks with clit peircings. Why don't we get you one huh? I'm thinking...with a large gauge screw."

"I want to see how fast those nanomachines can repair that hot body of yours. I win and we get to go down to Lilith's lab for some live disection"
the worst one!

"I win and you're going to hold still for some asian style rope bondage. But you can brake rope so easily my love...I think I'll use barbed wire."

"I had this dream the other day about you fucking yourself with my enchanted sword. Soo...I win and you use the Storm Blade as a love toy. I'm sure you'll be down with the sharp spike on the pommel....you've had worse"

"I want to see you wearing one of those 8 point harnesses..y'know the ones with a chain to your collar, your wrists, nipples, ankles and clit...all linked to one loop in the center. And I've got a great leash just for that. You want pink fur or black?"

"Hows full body latex suit sound to you? I mean...you are a biohazard..."

"I think you need a chastety belt to keep you from those naughty urges of yours. Yeah...I found one just for you. Solid titanium with pyrex dual plugs....3 inch diameter for both. Master lock in the front, and the lock in the back can hold your wrist gauntlets to keep your hands away from those tender breasts of yours. Hmm...I think you'll make a great paper weight like that...."
(I have a picture of the belt in question....pretty cool actually)

"I found this place that makes dildos cast from dragons and I just had to get one for the novelty value, I mean...nothing THAT big could ever be used by a normal woman. BUt you're not normal are you? I win...and we make that 60 buck paper weight ern it's place on my desk. Oh yeah...i'm out of lube, sorry..."

it gets worse...

You got any others?
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