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OHA: You're the Lock, I'm the Key (the first ep!)(story)

PostPosted: Wed Feb 11, 2004 11:48 pm
by BunELovecraft
Rating: Web MA (for just general kinks and can't be too careful blah blah blah...)
Content: bondage, serious domination, really annoying uber descriptions, S&M, blood sacrifices, and other bad shit.
Starring: Geli, Elhaz,....and the Eidios Senate
Bg Music: The Matrix OST - Agent Training Program

Part 1: The Setup
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It had been a week since the alien female was tossed into a locked dungeon in the bottom of the Citadel of Shadows in Eidios. Geli's entire body ached through the dull haze of her brainware pain suppression software and war drugs being pumped into her system by said cerebral computer. The day they'd brought her in, after she'd totalled five or six of their strongest warriors in one move, she'd found herself chained and strapped to a stone slab in the dankest jail she'd ever been in (and she'd been in quite a few). The first sets of bespelled chain had only slowed her down. They'd tried beating her senseless...she healed. They tried spells, drugs, and even two psychics and a telepath. Nothing worked to keep her helpless...and their three braincasses were now slowly being digested. While she looked like a human woman, some six feet tall, with features straight out of a Playboy centerfold, she in truth was a bioengineered killing machine. The only reason why the elves hadn't executed her was because their city guardian, some prat named Nightstalker, was busy convincing the senate that she would be the perfect weapon to do their dirty work. IF, they could control her, that is. So far, the control option didn't seem to work.

At the moment, three geomanceres had strapped her down with solid diorite tentacles. It was quite amusing seeing them cast the spell, until frigid coils of stone looped around her curvy body and stuck her to that slab so tightly that she could barely breath. One of the wizards now stood at her feet, keeping an eye on the stone.

"You're lucky y'know, usually strange creatures like you are sold to Blacksands for experimentation in our Alien study program." He said coldly, arms folded in the heavy gray sleeves of his robe. "You're not as tough as they said you were femme." The black haired elf smirked down at her before walking around the edge of the slab, carefully trailing his slender fingers along his stone welding handywork and the naked expanse of her flesh between. "Why you're not more than a woman."

"Come a little closer and I'll show you what this woman can do." She hissed through clenched teeth. It was an empty threat; it took all of her concentration to fight back the wild sea of error messages that were popping up in her vision from being stuck like this for so long. Low on glucose, low on energy, low on salt, water, protein...she felt weak as a kitten...her nanomachines had begun to find materials to repair her hurting body by eating her own muscles. Even if he'd let her go right now, she probably wouldn't have been able to run out of the room, let alone put the fear of god in the prick. She only hoped that her daughter Crescendo was fairing better in the Senate than she was.

part 2

PostPosted: Sun Feb 15, 2004 2:38 am
by BunELovecraft
"Why should we allow the creature to live Holy Sword?" The speaker of the house, an elderly elven wizard, say slowly, standing before the rest of the Eidios senate. In the huge circular theatre, all 145 seats were packed with somber faced elven nobles, merchants, and other members of high society from each sector of the city. They made the rules, changed the laws, and helped run everything in a "Democratic fashion" while the so called "president" of the city, served as a mouth piece to the people. If anything went wrong, he or she was blamed...not the senate behind the scenes. At the moment, the room was rather dark (power was having problems at the moment) and they were dealing with a very tough problem: to allow an alien critter who could possibly turn them all into dog food.,.live, or to destroy her. So far, said alien had only three people defending her: the holy sword of the city, Lilith Eleuranth, senior doctor of the Shadow Guard medical labs, and the woman's teenaged daughter Crescendo.

"Destroying this woman would be throwing away an amazing gift! Do you not see what we've been given?! With her under our control we can stop anything that comes through the portals or win any war! She is of the most powerful weapons ever made!" Elhaz Nightstalker, High Magus Major of the Astral Planes and Holysword of Eidios was infuriated. How DARE they ignore his defense! HE didn't really care if she lived or died, but he saw Geli for the tool that she could be. However, he also didn't feel right having someone's mother put to death. Geli's daughter, young Crescendo, was sitting in a wheel chair next to him, still clothed in a loose set of flannel pjs, looking pale and sick. When they had first found her, she was half dead with three armor peircing rounds through the stomach. With the help of her nanomachines and elvish healing, the shikkari halfbreed was on the mend, but she wasn't fulled healed. Elhaz looked to the side and saw sparkling silver tears fall from the girls eyes and land on her clenched fists in her lap. He knew that if the child could have walked at the moment she would have ripped the speaker limb from limb. Her intense green eyes, the color of the water of a coral reef, had the most horrible look of utter hatred he had ever seen and it gave him chills.

"My not...a thing." Crescendo said softly...her teeth grinding. Nobody heard her at first.
"What was that child?" The speaker said imperiously, looking down his pointed nose at the three people on the floor of the room.
"I NOT A THING! She's a person! And don't talk about us like I can't hear you! I know what you're saying! I can understand you!" The younger shikkari screamed, trying to stand. She was panting with exhertion by the time she even got halfway out of the chair and she staggered and fell into the slim arms of Lilith. The blond haired elven woman helped her sit back down and pushed her hair out of her face, trying to calm the girl. Unlike the rest of these people, Lilith tended to see things in a more moral manner.

"Listen to me. I can control this...Geli and you know it. As a blood mage, you've all seen me do it hundreds of times. If I fail, well I'll kill her myself." Elhaz bowed to the senate, letting his long aqua hair hide his frown. He had more power in his little finger than the entire room of senators combined, but as long as he was holy sword, he had to play nice.

"And what of the child?" A tall female elf behind him asked, crossing her arms in her red brocade dress sleeves.

"She's Shikkari as well. I can...raise her to be just a good, if not better, weapon as her mother. " With that Cress fainted into Lilith's waiting arms.

the senate thought this over for a moment. After a moment, the speaker stood once more.
"As you wish, Holy Sword. 24 hours from now, you will bring the woman here and prove to us that your blood magic has in fact, bonded her to you as a controlable slave. I hope for both your sakes that you do not fail. it would truely be a shame to see you die at the claws of that creature." He smirked horridly, his pudgy face wrinkling up. "But if this works, we will be forever indebted to you."

Elhaz bowed once more and turned on his heel to leave the room, feeling shaken for the first time in quite a while. What if his spell didn't work on Geli? Would he be around in 24 hours? There was only one way to find out...

PostPosted: Tue May 18, 2004 10:52 pm
by BunELovecraft
"Someone's here to see you femme" It was that snarky geomancer again. Geli snarled something horrible in japanese involving his mother and a rubber hose. As a geisha, she learned much coloful language...and it was all in file in her brainware.

"Ah...well don't you look nice" Once minute she heard the soft deep voice from somewhere to her left, the next she was eye to glowing violet eye with the most attractive and downright evil looking man she'd ever seen. From experience, anything sexy was most definately not to be trusted; specially this guy...he looked first. "Hmm first time I've gotten a chance to get a good luck at you after I beat your ass so nicely out in the ravine. How are you feeling?" His full lips curled back from blinding white teeth in a smile that would have been nice if not for the cold hardness of his eyes; that just made it cruel and scary.

Geli focused on that face for a moment, the fine line of his jaw, the way his fangs fit so perfectly with the rest of his teeth. He was too fair, to beautiful to be real. Her brainware lit up a message 'Glamour Glamour in use!" she ordered it to peel away the layers of magic on the elf and saw him for what he was....very very old.

"Go away old man...let me go and you're dog meat." He was still attractive without the glamour...but in an older Sean Connery at 80 way. She didn't think elves aged...obviously this one did. Without that magic, his skin no longer had that velvet fact he looked sick. If she didn't know better she'd say he was terminal and on the way out soon. He couldn't hurt a fly! Her fingers clawed against the stone table they had her chained too and shivered; this man knew she could see past his glamour. The elf reached forward with one strong hang and grasped her chin firmly, so hard in fact that she could feel her jaw pop.

"You can see it...can't you" he hissed low, right into her face. At least his breath smelled grapefruit actually..what did elves eat anyway she wondered. "You can see what I really am. Well don't get too comfortable, I've got more than enough power to throttle you."

"I didn't...think that old you...had the stamina to throttle anything" She snarled back, a trickle of silver blood running out of the corner of her mouth; her fangs had cut her tongue when he grabbed her like that. The force of the slap that hit the side of her cheek was enough to break bone if she wasn't metal reinforced and she gasped for felt like her eye was going to pop out. It wasn't but man...did guys learn to do that in wizard school?

"Let her go. I'll take her from here." Elhaz growled at the geomancer, grabbing a heavy silk cord from the table behind him. "Pretty cocky for a prisoner bitch." He said as the bindings on her fell away into dust. "Well...we'll see just how cocky you are when I'm done with you." The elf tied her wrists behind her firmly, then tossed a rough blanket over her and slung her over his shoulder like a sack of sugar. He winced...he was going to feel THAT pain in his back in the morning. "never. taunt. a blood mage."

One minute geli was staring at the ceiling, the next at the floor. The rush of blood to her head made it hard to think. Her brainware gave one last burst of popups warning her to replenish her glucose and that her nanos were going to start eating her smooth muscle next if she didn't eat in the next twelve hours, before she blacked out. Blacking out...the only way to kill the popups she thought and then all was dark gets kinky.

PostPosted: Sun May 23, 2004 11:02 pm
by BunELovecraft
One minute geli was staring at the ceiling, the next at the floor. The rush of blood to her head made it hard to think. Her brainware gave one last burst of popups warning her to replenish her glucose and that her nanos were going to start eating her smooth muscle next if she didn't eat in the next twelve hours, before she blacked out. Blacking out...the only way to kill the popups she thought and then all was dark

Was it dawn? Still night? Geli groaned...what had happened to her? She felt like she'd been beat all over with a pool cue. At first, she didn't move but simply tried to get a sense of what was going on around her. She seemed to be lying on something soft, a bed perhaps...she guessed from the silken sheets under her arms. The air smelled nice. Not the dank moldy smell of the dungeon. Instead it was cool and reminded her nose of the smell of peonies. Something very light and soft brushed against her cheek and when she opened her blue eyes a crack, she saw a huge bunch of white and pink peony flowers. They looked like ladie's underdresses to her and what touched her was a petal falling from a big flower just over her head.

" I?" Birds were chirping outside yet it was still a little dark. Her brainware clock was flashing the time in the bottom of her view and she banished the computer overlay from her vision with a blink. Slowly and carefully, she sat up, hearing her bones pop and crack from staying in one position for so long. The room spun and she put her head between her knees to try and stop the dizziness that suddenly overcame her. "I need to eat something...or I'll never heal up...damn...nanomachines." She noticed that she was dressed down in a filmy shift which barely fit her; her round breasts nearly popped out of the top and the hem was just barely decent.

"Oh you're awake at last I see." came a voice as smooth and rich as the finest velvet. She didn't look up; she knew who it was. Her muscled tensed up as she heard his slow footsteps cross the room to the bed. "I was beginning to think you were dead." the elf laughed mirthlessly, trailing one finger along her shoulder to her chin which he suddenly propped up to look at him. She was too weak to fight him and just obeyed him like a rag doll. "Not so tough and nasty now are we? Why you with your enhanced metabolism and nanomachines must be starving! I bet they've started gnawing away at your muscles by now...and next go your bones and then your organs..they'll eat your brain last. Unless you get some sort of fuel in your system huh? Would be a shame to lose a creature as gifted as yourself." He let his finger slip from her face and turned away from her, hands behind his back.

"H-how do you know...about..."
"The Shikkari? Your kind is rather infamous, we happen to know a bit about your type from one of your kind who crashed here in the begining of your rein of terror. Truely impressive...was a shame that we couldn't keep him around, but one must know how to kill your enemy. It took work...we figured that starving you was the best method since your bodies don't burn very well without putting out those annoying cyanide vapors." He looked at her from over his shoulder and smirked devishly "But I vowed that should we ever find another of you, we'd keep you around. THe Shikkari are so very useful as weapons of mass destruction. And it's an added bonus that you're a woman..."

Geli backed up against the headboard of the bed, her eyes narrowed, watching the elf closely. He was extremely actractive to her, the type that she'd prolly jump on and ravish, if, he wasn't trying to torture and/or enslave her and her daughter. She couldn't tear her eyes off of him as she slowly sat down on the bed, leaning across the blood red sheets to touch her wrist lightly. "Females are much easier to control. SImple wants, simple needs. Yes, I think you'll do quite well." He said. She noticed that his voice was musical and well worked like a lounge singer...reminded her of that human, Sinatra was it?

Suddenly she found her arm held in a grip like a vise and the elven wizard pulled her toward him roughly. She yelped in surprise, now held in his clutches, and not just by his hands but by those glowing purple eyes.

"You'll never be able to control me you snarky bastard!" She snarled venomously, blinking back the blackness that was starting to creep into her vision again.

"That's what you say now. You'll change your tune in a bit. Now then...I'm a decent man," Elhaz took off his square reading glasses. "I'll let you make a choice; you want this the easy way, or the hard way? I'd much prefer the easy way since, as you know, I'm not as young as I used to be. Well?" He let go of her and stood, walking across the room, unbuttoning his red silk shirt in the process. "There's a packet of P0W4R G3L on the bedside table next to you. Eat it. I don't want you passing out on me."

The alien woman saw the silver packet on the table and grabbed it, not even taking the time to follow the directions and put in the straw before sinking her fangs straight into the metal. 2000 calories and full nutrients; enough to keep her going for at least the rest of the day. Elhaz's presence standing infront of her shocked her out of the feeding frenzy. The elf was wearing a simple black satin bath robe, tied tightly at the waist with a silver cord, arms crossed over his broad chest.

"Well? The easy way or the hard way?"
Geli thought about this for a minute...feeling much better now. Easy...where was the fun in that, she wasn't going to give him the satisfaction!! "Um...well thanks for feeding me and all and lettin' me go, but I gotta say...I don't care what kinda eyecandy you are. Fuck you, I'll take the hard way, beat the snot outta you, and then eat you. Don't worry, it'll go to a good cause." She stood slowly coming eye to lip with him.

"Heh, kind of figured you'd say that." A slow and extremely nasty look of sadistic glee crossed the elf's hansom face and Geli had a baaaad feeling that she should have picked the easy way.

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 04, 2004 9:05 pm
by BunELovecraft
"That's what you say now. You'll change your tune in a bit. Now then...I'm a decent man," Elhaz took off his square reading glasses. "I'll let you make a choice; you want this the easy way, or the hard way? I'd much prefer the easy way since, as you know, I'm not as young as I used to be. Well?" He let go of her and stood, walking across the room, unbuttoning his red silk shirt in the process. "There's a packet of P0W4R G3L on the bedside table next to you. Eat it. I don't want you passing out on me."

Passing out? Doin' what! she thought, putting her hands to her head for a moment. The room was spinning again and she felt like she was going to throw up. Why couldn't her nanos process faster! The elf was watching her, the peachy light of the sun playing on the side of his face, making him almost look like a marble statue. He really did have great bone structure.

"You're quite....pretty. It'll be a shame to break every bone in your skull." Geli said sullenly, cracking her knuckles."When I'm done with you, you'll be havin' a closed casket funeral." The elf looked at her in shock for a moment and the corner of one eye began to twitch. Then he started to laugh. It was sort of a slight snicker at first then it built into a full on hearty laugh that she could feel in her own chest. His eyes were watering as his reached into the pocket of his robe for something.

"Oh no...I don't think so honey, not today" Before she even had time to raise a hand against him she was pinned to the bed with one knee pushed into her chest and a pair of strong hands wrapped around her neck "" She heard a loud clicking noise, like a heavy lock being turned and then she felt funny, almost as if she was on some sort of narcotic. Tired...weak...foggy....

She gasped for breath as the elf sat back to straddle her broad hips, and tried to aim a punch at that smirking face. "What..what have you done to me you bastard..."she could barely make her lips form the words as he caught her wrist deftly between two fingers.

"Oh big talk. You're prolly feeling it already, don't worry...the statis effect will lift when I'm done with you. Don't fight me, it just makes it hurt."
Geli felt something heavy around her neck and touched it with her free hand. It was a thick golden collar with a huge red jewel in the center; it wasn't a ruby, it felt burning hot against her throat and it pulsed like a second heart. Her fingers felt numb just from touching it. He's going to rape me isn't he? the thought raced through her head. Thank god I've got my birth control implant...

Elhaz let her go and leaned over her to get a small dagger made out of some shiny black stone from the bedside table. It smelled like blood to her sensitive nose and her heart began to pound. He took hold of her wrist again, still leaning over her, and traced the tip of the dagger lightly along her lower arm, whispering some odd spidery language that gave her the creeps.

"What...what are you..."
"What am I doing?'s a necromancy thing. I shouldn't expect you to understand." the elf said curtly, suddenly slashing her wrist deeply with the edge of the dagger. She cried out in pain, not expecting that. The cut burned like liquid fire had been poured on her, she'd never felt something so horrible before in her entire life. "Blood by master, blood by thrall, bind eternally this pact by pain and pleasure. Blood of thrall be bound forever, to thy whim of thy master. Swear this by Shar." He grasped her chin firmly and forced her to look at him. "Swear it."

"What if I don't" Geli panted, fighting back the pain as best she could.
"If you don't," his grip tightened and she felt the tip of the dagger press betwen her breasts "You die and I bind your daughter instead of you."
"You can't kill wouldn't dare..." Blood ran down her stomach as Elhaz leaned on her quite hard.
"Try me..." He snarled.
She heard bones crunch "Say it or you die." His breath was hot against her cheek as the dagger dug deeper into her flesh, scratching the metal plated bone underneith.
" Shar..."She somehow managed to croak out though she couldn't remember how. Suddenly the pain was lifted and replaced by another sensation entirely. At first there was the soft touch of the wizard's lips against her torn wrist and then the feeling of overwhealming heat and dizziness. It felt amazing to her, not bad at all, more like the nearly passing out feeling she'd get after drinking one too many sake's on a hot afternoon. For some reason the dizziness started to fade and she found herself face to face with the hansom elf once more. She could feel her nanos healing her wounds quickly and that hurt a little, but instead she was focusing on this strange tightness in her stomach, this weird butterflies feeling she got when really turned on. Why was she feeling like this over THIS psycho?!

"Now...for your part of the deal."

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by BunELovecraft
"Try me..." He snarled.
She heard bones crunch "Say it or you die."

That numb sensation was gone, replaced by this strange hot tingling. Geli didn't want to admit it, but it felt good. She felt so very tired and weak lying there; limp as a newborn kitten.

"You feel....oh...'enlivened' don't you?" That was the mage's sounded far away as if she were hearing him through water. "Ah ah ah, don't go to sleep on me." The pleasure was replaced by searing pain which brought her back to reality. She sat up suddenly with a scream and clawed at her collar. "There...awake again are we?"

That snarky bastard! This collar was like a dog dicipline collar...only...something was...
"Now come here child." Elhaz said softly, motioning to her with one finger. She found herself moving toward him against her own will. In her head she didn't want to; she wanted to run out of the room, grab Cress, and hide in the bush until she had the strength to start getting her revenge. But instead...her lithe body was obeying the will of this wizard instead of her.

"Don't fight do what I want you to do, and you'll feel you did before. Go against me and well, I think you know what'll happen. Anyway..."He leaned back and pulled her forward with one hand at the same time. Geli stared at the smooth line of his throat; that china white skin that she really wanted to tear into with her teeth...take him out the good old fashioned way.

" really want to sink your sharp little teeth into me, don't you." Elhaz said smoothly, suddenly twining his fingers into her long hair, pulling her down...."Well then do it; take me."

Geli had no idea what she was getting into.

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 13, 2004 10:46 pm
by BunELovecraft
" really want to sink your sharp little teeth into me, don't you." Elhaz said smoothly, suddenly twining his fingers into her long hair, pulling her down...."Well then do it; take me."

Why not do it? she thought Rip him a new one! But she couldn't bring herself to do it. Some basic animal instinct held her back. This was bad...something horrible would happen to her if she...

The wizard used the dagger on himself, cutting a thin line along the side of his neck. Blood red as rubies bubbled from the wound, glowing with an unearthly light, the sparkling of.... Nanomachines! But he should be dead! He drank my blood...and my nanomachines are programmed to destroy anything but my dna code...but instead they're helping him!
"Drink."One strong hand forced her head down until her lips touched the wetness on his throat. She felt detached from her body as her lips slowly parted and she started to drink the blood he offered. It didn't take much for the bond to take full effect and after a few moments he rolled her over onto her back, looming over her. The cut on his neck had already begun to heal over, a silver scab had formed showing the nanos were indead at work.

"Yes your nanomachines are working for me now too...Why you think? Because through this blood bond I can control you right down to the atom...and thus I can control these creatures as well."
"You've gotten what you wanted you damn psycho," She tried to struggle agianst him but he was too strong for her. Never had a man been too strong for her, exspecially an elf! But now she could barely lift her wrist from the bed when he pushed her down, those intense violet eyes staring down into hers. "Now let me go!"

He laughed, a deep rich laugh which chilled her to the core.
"Oh no no no, we're not done yet. And besides, I'm keeping you around. The council wanted me to kill you but I couldn't do that. Provided you coroporate with me i'll make sure you're very comfortable." Soft fingers ran along her neck and he cupped her chin in his hand firmly. "A woman as amazing as yourself should not be kept in a cage like some common creature. I'll keep you instead in the bonds of my magic and by the bonds of your flesh. I know your kind...wonton things aren't you?"

Geli figured that fighting him was pointless so maybe she could win him over with kindness. it was worth a try.
"Well I know that I am..."She forced a coy lilt into her voice and grinned slightly

PostPosted: Mon Jan 10, 2005 10:48 pm
by BunELovecraft
Trying to fight him was pointless. She knew that the second she made a move she'd be flat on the floor curled up in a ball of pain as that collar did its dirty work. Franky it felt like she'd been dipped in hell the first time he used it on her.

"I know....I am...." Perhaps the sweet approach would work the best? Geli said lustily, sitting up on the bed, her thighs spread like some wanton harlot in a Bejing pleasure house.

"Give it up lady"
"What?" SHe blinked innocently, toying with the strip of her gown, letting it fall down her arm just a bit and then sliiiiiding it back up against.
"Look...."He turned and stalked back over to her, hands on his hips. "If you're trying to seduce me so that you can knock me out and run ain't happening."
"Why not?" A pout formed on her full lips as she leaned back a little more into the satin sheets, working her full mojo.
"Beeeeecause..." There was an obvious pause as he looked her over and then pulled his eyes from her supple bustline. "I'm old that's why. I don't have the energy for that sort of thing...." That was a lie, in the past ten minutes since he bonded to her he'd felt more energy than in the past couple of centuries, like he'd been plugged into a recharger or something. "And you're not my type."

Geli grinned darkly, her intense blue eyes sparkling dangerously. "Yeah right. You've got control over me thanks to this bond thing...but you can't turn off my scanners." those same bright eyes slowly traced over his well sculpted form from head to toe every so slowly. "Hmm...enhanced blood flow here else...oh my...impressive..and what's this? Your hypothalimus is pumpin' out wild signals to your cerebral cortex!" She sucked on the tip of one finger for a moment.
"Stop that!"
"Make me."

She couldn't get out of here without his help, and this was a nice enough planet. Perhaps if she worked this deal she could get Cress a perfect place to call a home world, it was best for her...and Elhaz was her type of evil bastard. She'd been on the run long enough perhaps it was time to try and find a place to spend time on and now that she had no real choice in the matter...might as well make the best of things.

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by BunELovecraft
"Hmm...enhanced blood flow here else...oh my...impressive..and what's this? Your hypothalimus is pumpin' out wild signals to your cerebral cortex!" She sucked on the tip of one finger for a moment.
"Stop that!"
"Make me."

"You know...I don't think you can back it up...can you...Elhaz was it?"
"That's master to you."
"Oh excuse me...master" She said with a nastly little smirk. Somehow, when she said "master" it sounded to him like "motherfucking asshole". "Can you master? All this about controlling me through the wonton needs of my flesh...I think you're bluffing." Her intense blue eyes slowly scanned his body from head to toe making him very nervous. Was this how mice felt before getting eaten by the barn cat?

"Feh, not like I'd waste my energy on you."
"Translation: I don't have the energy to spend on you and couldn't get it up if my life depended on it."
"Oh please, that was just uncalled for"
"Translation...." The alien woman sat up and grinned nastily "you just struck a nerve."
"You...." Elhaz's eyes flashed dangerously.
"Seriously...who's really in charge here...I mean...AAAAAGH!! STOP!!!" Geli was about to say more when the searing agony of the control collar shut her up. She'd fallen in lava once during battle and this hurt so much was as if every nerve in her body was being tortured in the worse sort of way. If it wasn't for her brainware she was sure she'd die of the pain...and just as suddenly as the pain stopped.

She opened her eyes only to see herself nose to nose with the elf as she panted for breath, silver drops of nanotech laced sweat beading on her skin. "You fucking bastard...." her voice was shaking as spasms of remembered pain ran through her body making her feel as if she'd pass out and throw up. "if it wasn't for this collar...I'd...I'd...." Suddenly she felt rather strange. What was this hot tingly feeling all over? Her brainware popped up a reminder that she was reciving cerebral signals from an outside source. Her heart was racing and she felt so hot and dizzy, she needed something to quench this fire and soon.

" brainware says I'm recieving an outside...ugh... signal from..somewhere" she panted, sitting up slightly until her lips almost touched his. The elven wizard had himself braced over her on all fours and she found that he shivered when she got closer. She could see the delicate silver sheen on his skin from her nanomachines running hog wild at repairs, he could probably feel it; that hot feverish feeling of so many tiny machines working at the same time.

"You know, you're so incredibly delicious when you're screaming like've got spunk to still be concious. I wonder how much stimulation can you take before you burn out?" He whispered, his breath hot against her tender flesh.

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