OHA Files: The Dirt on Midas Elves

OHA Files: The Dirt on Midas Elves

Postby BunELovecraft on Thu Jan 22, 2004 3:25 pm

Northern Midas Elf
Medium-size Fey
Hit Dice: d10
Initiative: + 5
Speed: 40 ft
Special Attacks: Gaze, spell-like abilities, Holy swords, Clan Tattoo
Special Qualities: Elf traits, dark vision 60 feet, fast healing 20, SR 40

When the elves first met humans eons ago, they were fairly accepting and eventually interbreed with them creating the race of Gray Elves. However, one group of very proud high elves, who valued the powers of their pure blood, refused to accept the mortals and left to go their own way. THroughout the years, they maintained their powers, but the six clans started to fight more and more until eventually the shit hit the fan and war broke out. The Midas almost wiped themselves off of the face of Karu and very few are left.
The Northern Midas resemble the regular high elves that popular Karu only in build. Their hair is always strange shades that popped out of a Crayola box (Bright green, blue, pink you name it) as are their eyes. No Northern will ever have normal hair. Their skin can be an array of normal shades but they tend to be very pale skinned. All male Midas have the tattoo of their clan on their back which shows their clan as well as the clan
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