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OHA: Elhaz's Truth or Dare (story)

PostPosted: Mon Jan 05, 2004 2:23 pm
by BunELovecraft
OHA: recondite time immemorial prt 1
This is just random...working on a scene for later in the OHA series and I just decided to post it randomly. I guess it won't have the effect for most people that I'd like (since they prolly don't read the comic) but give it a go anyway...

Genre: Romance ;p
Rating: This section is pg...
Background Music: Bryan Adams - We're In Heaven

It was snowing again. Geli was sick and tired of it. She loved cold weather, it made life easier for her since she didn't have to pay as much attention to her body temperature as usual, but she loathed walking on the ice (and slipping on it) as well as getting snow in her hair. In her cat form, little hard snowballs formed on her tail, belly, and under her legs, and worse...between her kitty toes and it hurt horribly. Lately she'd been spending a lot of time as that cute, pink long haired cat. Elhaz had been acting strangely lately. The same thing happened last year as well: as soon as the first snows came to Eidios, the normally chill elf had started to walk the streets of the city, melancoly and wistful. He'd said that he loved the virgin pureness of the city, when a blanket of pearly white hid the stains of blood and pain from the world. His voice cracked when he talked about it.
Geli worried about him, but mostly she was nosy. Where did he go every so often when he just snuck off without her? He wasn't in the city, she was sure of that. This time...she intended to find out. She'd followed him downtown in the middle of the night in subzero weather in the fragging snow to see what he was up to. When she finally caught up with him, she was out of breath. Her little cat legs couldn't keep up with the long strides of the man she was tracking and her human form was too obvious for tracking. Geli stopped for a minute to pick the ice stuck on her paw with her teeth; she was an indoor cat honestly, this weather was above and beyond the call of duty.
"Watch out where you're going pussycat" a shopper somewhere above her in the sea of legs called out, pushing her roughly asside with one red leather boot. The "cat" scampered out of the way and slunk through the crowd where she finally caught up with Elhaz. He was standing, still as a statue, in Butterslip Alley by the waterfront. What was he looking at, she wondered. Following his gaze, she saw the sign to "Zi Jia Li"...a tea house. Inside a jazz band was playing some sort of slow love song and couples were swaying slowing in the dim golden glow of the place. Geli signed, her breath coming in a puff of mist, and shook ice off of her whiskers. Her feet hurt, her tail was one snow ball, and she was starting to end up with snow and ice in places she'd rather not think about.
What a crock, I follow him all the way out here for THIS?! Some place where he used to hang out or something? Feh... she started to turn around to sulk off home when she heard the crisp crunch of snow underfoot as Elhaz walked further down the darkened alley. With a saucy little mew, Geli followed him closely...too closely infact. One minute they were in the alley and the next....she found herself sitting in snow up to her eyes in the middle of the woods. She blinked, more or less in shock and yelped when suddenly her human form was forced upon her leaving her freezing and naked in the snow; Elhaz was staring down at her with his customary turn-your-blood-to-ice-for-double-parking-me smirk.

"You fucking sadistic bastard!!" Snow was in places that she'd never had to deal with snow being before and it put her in a very...bad mood as she stood shakily, trying to cover herself with her long blue hair. "Grr...." The hansom elf laughed softly, the first time she'd heard him laugh in weeks.

"My my it cold out here or are you happy to see me?"
"It's cold out you idiot." Her teeth chattered " lend me your coat...please?" her eyes pleaded with him; her face was burning hot while the rest of her was cold. With a resigned sigh, he took off his heavy velvet coat and draped it over her shoulders, letting his gloved fingers trail over her exposed breasts almost by accident.

"Go home Geli. It's too cold out here for you...dressed like that." he turned his back on her, the sculpted line of his jaw going hard as he crossed his arms, his whole posture tensing. "I don't know why you followed me, I don't care, just go home now, I don't want you sick."

"You know I don't get sick." She said quickly. her feet were so cold they burned and she grit her teeth to ignore the pain. "I just want to know what's going can't make me leave you know." She saw how tired he was, no he couldn't force his will on her at the moment.

For once, he didn't argue. Instead, his sighed softly, looking down at the new fallen snow, and ran his fingers through his hair with a shuddering breath. "Ok. You can stay...I haven't the strength to cast another ether gate back home tonight...I'm too tired. You're right, I can't make you leave." he admitted sullenly. "Let me carry you...I don't want you guilt tripping me all the way....Oh don't look at me like that. Jeez." Geli walked ahead of him.
"I can take care of myself. I am a bioweapon after all...I can....taUGH!!! OW!" She'd tripped over a log under the snow while ranting at him as she couldn't feel her feet..and she continued to argue as Elhaz picked her up as if she were a todler and carried her to their destination.

"I'm sure you can take care of yourself...really. But do save it for when you're on your own time."

Was it her own cold and tiredness that made her press against his broad chest, or need to be near him. Whatever it was, she didn't say anything and he didn't mention it. Somethings were best left unsaid.

part 2

PostPosted: Sun Feb 01, 2004 12:49 am
by BunELovecraft
OHA: recondite time immemorial prt 2
Recondite Time Immemorial part 2
Genre: Romance/fantasy
Rating: PG
Background music: Miles Davis-Time After Time

It seemed like they'd been walking through the snowy forest for hours; Geli had fallen asleep in Elhaz's strong embrace, snowflakes falling softly on her upturned face. Her wrinkled her nose and opened her eyes slowly, stretching in his arms, careful not to fall.

"Wwwwwhere are we?" Geli yawned, her sharp little fangs showing. A gust of liquid nitrogen cold wind blew into her coat and she gasped, shivering. "Are we there yet? I'm gonna freeze out here..." If she was cold in that thick velvet coat, Elhaz must have been freezing... The wind plastered the claret silk of his shirt to his back and arms, making his toned muscles show up even more than usual. He was wearing butterscotch brown pants of doe-skin leather which cut the wind somewhat and his kneehigh boots kept the snow off of him, but she could tell he was cold; the elf was simply to proud to say anything.

"We wouldn't have had this problem if you didn't follow me, but there's really nothing to be done about it now." Elhaz said sharply, the wind whipping his long hair into his face. He flipped it aside with a toss of his head and set her down, more than a little roughly. "We're here. Follow me." Geli bit her lip, the snow on her bare feet burned horribly and made her bones ache, even with her brainware cutting off the pain signals. One graceful hand grasped her wrist firmly and pulled her along after him through a bower of evergreens hung heavy with snow. No animals ran past them in the dark, the only noise was that of the wind storm and the crunch of the snow under their feet. Up ahead there was a wall of brambles which stuck out of the white powder like the skeletons of so many dead birds. She could see, behind that garden wall, a dark manor house. Normally a house in the woods would cheer a person up, but this place looked dead; judging by the dust and spiderwebs on the windows...nobody had lived there in a while, or it was a bachlor pad of some sort.

Elhaz paused at the gate to the garden and produced a small silver key from out of the pocket of his slacks and dusted the snow away from a lock etched with thistles and holly. Geli felt nervous for some reason. Why did he always sneak off here by himself? Wasn't he worried about an ambush? What was he hiding. Her heart was pounding in her throat and she could feel adrenaline rushing through her veins like freshly opened champagne. The alien woman swallowed and clutching the coat closed around her bare body, followed the elven wizard into the garden. A shudder ran through her when the gate ground shut with a horrible grinding of rarely used hinges. The ground was covered with something jagged and black...and as Geli found out when she stepped off of the crusted She was too cold to notice as one of the jagged chunks of obsidian cut her foot leaving drops of shining silver on the snow.

"Oh your foot! Here, don't move or you'll cut yourself worse..."Elhaz picked her up as if she were as light as a doll once again and stepped over the threshhold of the old manor house. "Geli...welcome to Nightstalker Manor; home of my ancestors and of the fuedal duke of my clan for many hundreds of years."

His deep voice, smooth like chocolate, rang through the darkened house and almost seemed to bring it to life some how. It didn't seem to bad once the silence had been shattered. The door behind them shut on it's own accord and Geli gasped, her heart leaping in her chest. What bothered her more wasn't that sudden noise but the heat signals of about twenty small creatures in her view from her brainware.

"Elhaz...uh...I don't think this place is deserted. I'm picking up serious should go..."She broke out in a cold sweat; she didn't like to get into fights when she was cold, hungry and naked. Elhaz looked down at her, a genuine smile playing on his lips for a moment before he started to laugh softly. Geli felt him relax, he felt mortal...almost human holding her, not hard and lifeless as a statue. He whispered a few words of magic, his deep voice rumbling in his chest, and suddenly, the fireplace burst into flames and the candles through the house lit up, bathing the dead manor in a warm and not at all scary glow.

"Is this, what you're afraid of?"He asked softly in that same lilting voice as he leaned down to rest his cheek against her hair. Geli blinked, not sure of what to think when she saw that was waiting for her in that house, and it wasn't house elves.

part 3

PostPosted: Sun Feb 01, 2004 12:52 am
by BunELovecraft
OHA: recondite time immemorial prt 3
Type: Emo Romance
Rating: Pg
Continued from Part 2

"Is this, what you're afraid of?"He asked softly in that same lilting voice as he leaned down to rest his cheek against her hair. Geli blinked, not sure of what to think when she saw that was waiting for her in that house, and it wasn't house elves.

Sitting about the room, glowing faintly green were, what looked like to her, pint sized ring tailed lemures.
"Huh?!" Geli gasped, stepping back once again from the little creatures. She bumped into Elhaz but his hands caught her shoulders firmly and kept her from falling. "What are they?"

"Shoo, shoo..." The elf waved one hand at them and they scattered throughout the house making noises like squeaky doors. "Those, Geli, are forest spirits. They were displaced by the house, but elven homesteads make arrangments with the spirits. They maintain the wood and natural parts of the house and we let them feed off our extra aura. THey don't have the trees to feed from, but the aura of living things is just as strong." he rested one hand against her lower back and eased her forward into the room. "They won't hurt you...while we're here, they'll probably avoid you: they can sense the unnatural." What he didn't meantion was that they hadn't been fed in a while and would probably be swarming them once they slept. Sprites weren't a problem to healthy elves, but too many could over drain children and the elderly to the point of serious illness if left alone.

Geli walked further into the main room, the wound on her foot now healed, and moved toward the fireplace which was now blazing with warm light. "Why do you come here all the time?" She asked him, holding her frigid hands out to the fire to take the chill away. It felt like pins and needles shooting through her chilled flesh and she bit her lip sharply. "Nng..."

Elhaz took off his shoes and dropped them on the floor, scaring a few more sprites out from under the carpet. Geli shivered, seeing the greenish glow of the little spirits, and turned back to the fire. The velvet coat slowly dropped from her shoulders, letting the light of the fire play on the toned curves of her body. She turned her head slightly and watched her elven companion, feeling a little nervous about being in a strange place. A draft from one of the windows let an icy wind blow past her and she gasped, not used to feeling cold air on that part of her anatomy all that often. Elhaz laughed softly, sitting down on the heavy bear skin rug by the fire.

"Sorry I don't have much furniture here, I sold it all...after my wife died. I didn't want to go rid of everything. A few things that belonged to my clan stayed but the rest...prolly in a pawn shop somewhere." He sighed and looked down at his hands, the same hands which had murdered his "wife" 145 years previous.

"Bryan's mother?" Geli asked, sitting down next to him on the coat. She was more than a little nervous about being naked in this house, she had planned on staying in her four legged cat form...where she came with fur for clothes. She tried to get into a position where she wasn't quite as exposed; lying on her stomach, sitting on her knees, but no matter how she sat, she felt as if those glowing violet eyes of the elf where staring right through her. "Elhaz...can I change back to my cat form?"

The elf smiled softly, leaning back on one arm. The way the light hit his face cast dark shadows acrost all of it, making him look very dark and foreboding. "Why Geli, are you nervous? Stay in your human body..."He reached one hand out to cup her chin gently "It's not often that I see you so vulnerable and almost seem human. Very different." She blushed darkly, unable to meet his gaze, and tried to cover her round breasts with one arm while leaning over to cast a shadow on the rest of her. Her eyes closed tightly and she whimpered a little, she was used to having the upper hand or at least being on equal ground: she didn't like this at all.

"Nng...Elhaz I'm cold..." and this place creeps me out, is that a blood stain in the corner? Why doesn't anybody live here....what happened to your wife...and why don't those sprites do something about the drafts! "And...and you know....I don't really like ice cold air on my bare skin either, specially in certain places." She squirmed to escape the draft. Elhaz reached out one hand to her, a soft smile playing on his lips.

"Come here my darling, I think you do deserve some answers. I guess it's my turn to bare all...all that I've been keeping about past women. You're my, well," He coughed nervously "'s your right to know." Geli could feel her cheeks burning as she crawled over to him. Was she hearing him right? She forgot about being cold and naked for the moment, this was far more interesting. But, since this was probably going to take a while, she took the time to cuddle up against him in the dark.

part 4

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by BunELovecraft
OHA: recondite time immemorial prt 4
OHA: recondite time immemorial prt 4
Type: Emo Romance
Rating: Pg
Continued from part 3
"Come here my darling, I think you do deserve some answers. I guess it's my turn to bare all...all that I've been keeping about past women. You're my, well," He coughed nervously "'s your right to know." Geli could feel her cheeks burning as she crawled over to him. Was she hearing him right? She forgot about being cold and naked for the moment, this was far more interesting. But, since this was probably going to take a while, she took the time to cuddle up against him in the dark.
(cut below)

It was a very rare when then Elhaz would tell her something about his past. Geli always liked to find out what he was up to, it was interesting, and quite amusing to look back on in her memory banks. However, tonight he seemed much more intense than usual when telling his stories.

The elf leaned back on one arm and stared into the fire intently. "Guess I'd better start at the begining, we have all night...i'm too tired to cast a spell to get us back home." and we don't dare fall asleep with those sprites around...they'd eat themselves to death on Geli's aura he thought sullenly.
"The whole deal started a thousand years ago, back when I was just a lad. Back in the day, the six Midas clans weren't at war, feelings were a little tense, but not at the breaking point. Relationships between clans were important to keep them getting along, but any warring between couples of said unions tended to filter back to the clans themselves. Thus there were always some sort of little meaningless spats going on at one time or another. I was the youngest of ten children, and the only one who was gifted in the magical arts. My brothers were all swordsmen, craftsmen, and extremely talented at our clan's main job at dragon slaying. Thing were a little awkard in our household however, because while they were great warriors, only wizards were allowed to run a clan homestead. Warriors can wax dragons, but they can't understand the subtle workings of the natural world, or make deals with the spirits and magical creatures there. My parents tried and tried to have a child who could do magic, but they kept ending up with sons who couldn't even cast a simple light spell let alone go into a Dream Seer trance." He smirked slightly, and closed his eyes, and his voice got very soft "But I could do it all, with the strength of ten mages. My brothers hated me from then on because I would be the clan head, not them. It was mostly a 'tease and treat the youngest like shit' thing until I turned the Midas equivalent of 21. Then...they got nasty about it."

Geli looked up at him for a moment and fiddled a coil of her long blue hair as it feel over her shoulder. He never struck her as being the youngest son, maybe the oldest. "What's this got to do with your exwife?" She said a little sharply, her full lips pursed lightly in question.

"I'm getting to that! This won't have the right dramatic impact unless I give you some back story. Honestly...I'm barin' my soul here, gimme me a freakin' chance!" The elf snarled pevishly, adjusting Geli's elbow as she leaned against him; it was sliding a bit too far up his thigh for comfort. " Now as I was saying...."


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by BunELovecraft
Well onward for part 5 y'all...

"As I was saying..." Elhaz took off his green lensed glasses and folded them carefully in one hand. "My brothers just couldn't stand the thought of having to take orders from me. It just was not something they could deal with. But there was another way for them to come out on top. In our culture, just because someone's a wizard, doesn't make them a good leader. If they could prove that I wasn't fit to lead our clan, they could fight it out amongst themselves and let the strongest win. So...they began to plot."

By now Geli had stopped shivering, the heat from the fire made her feel much better and she no longer had that awful pins and needles feeling in her toes. She rested her head on the elf's shoulder and crossed her arms, still listening, but still not very happy about being naked. All those sprites looking at her gave her the creeps, bio tech or no bio tech. "They were planning to make you look stupid?"

"Well, they were smarter than that. They figured if they could break me in the process, why not get two things out of the way. So, my oldest brother, Malkous made a deal with the Novalight clan. Now our clans were always kind of....awkward, when dealing with eachother. But some how...I can't quite remember...." His brow furrowed in thought for a moment and he reached up to rub his temples with two fingers. "'s been so long. Suffice to say, he managed to get me to make a deal with the Novalights. I'd marry one of their daughters, we'd have an alliance and our clans would be a peace. Seemed like a good idea right? The Sunei worshipping craftsmen and artists working with the poison brewing assassins and dragon slayers. Why a perfect combination. I wasn't too hot on the idea. I thought all daughters of that clan were the same: snotty, well to do, over educated, flighty tree hippies with typical blond hair, and horribly irritating personalities. But...." Geli glanced up and saw the hard line of his jaw soften for a moment as the elf smiled, remembering a long forgotten face. "She was different."

Geli grinned up at him, putting one hand to her lips to hide her glee "So Mr. Badass had Love at First Sight?"

"Hardly!" He laughed, apsently running his hand along her shoulder and down her side to rest on her wide hip "More like love at first letter! It sounds overly old fashioned and stupid now but...back then, when I first opening that lilac scented letter, I feel in love. I don't know if it was what she said, or the smell of it, or the way her writing could have even been a love spell. All that mattered was that I felt warm for the first time in my life, like I meant something to somebody." The elf's smooth bass voice got soft for a moment and he looked down at Geli, the way she wore her hair reminded him of... "I never thought I'd feel that again....."

"What?" The alien female looked up at him again. She'd been organizing her viewer icons in her brainware and had missed the last couple of things he said. Elhaz sighed and looked away, making a show of studying the shadows in the corner.

"It was nothing. Um...I'm going to see if I have any wine left here. Stay put won't you?." Geli found herself sitting alone, the elf moved away from her and stood as quickly as a jungle cat. </I> Must be all that sword fighting he does <I> she thought apsently.

"Was it something I said?" She called after him. Her voice seemed hollow in the barren house and it gave her the willies again. Of course, as she sat there in the silence, maybe, she realized, it wasn't something she'd said...maybe it was something he did. And that she didn't hear.

I know, annoyingly pookie. It gets better.

part 6

PostPosted: Fri Feb 06, 2004 12:50 am
by BunELovecraft
As soon as Elhaz left the room, Geli felt extremely alone, and terribly cold. She shivered and curled up in a ball on the bear skin rug, cursing the fact that she couldn't switch to cat form. Her glowing blue eyes kept close watch on the shadows just outside the glow of the fireplace.

"Don't take too long Elhaz. This place gives me the creeps...I don't do well with magic." she muttered, biting her nails nervously "If I can't see it, I can't kill it...and that creeps me out." Every minute she spent alone in that room, she felt more and more keyed up and ready to jump and the slightest noise. "Where is that damn elf!"

Silence. She grabbed the elf's coat from the chair and huddled under it in a huff. "hmph!"

Meanwhile in the celler, Elhaz was cursing his luck, the cluelessness of his familiar, the wood sprites, his past, and the fact that the really large spiders living there were starting to get fresh with him. Digging through the cobwebs, he found an amber bottle of wine that he'd remember seeing as a kid. By now, who knows what the stuff was....but he blew the dust off of the label. His keen elven vision let him read the carefully hand written note on it: "DragonsBane Liquour huh?" He hefted the bottle in one hand and made his way back to the stairs. "I need something pretty strong what if it kills a few braincells ." As the elf made it to the stairs, he noticed a gleam of metal out of the corner of his eye. There against the wall as an ornate metal chest, now covered in dust. on every inch of it were fanciful carvings in silver and gold of the daily lives of elves in the old homesteads. Despite the gloom, the gems which made fruits or flowers in the pictures glinted, calling him over to look. When he touched the lid of the chest, his breath caught in his throat in shock. This chest was all he had left of his long lost lover; just a few of her possessions that he'd kept during the war. Her jewelry, her favorite dress, her spell books and magic ring...

"Lahela*...." He whispered into the dark, completely ignoring the sprites which had come to investigate him. "Lahela...Novalight." Carefully, he opened the lid to the box and lifted out a flowing dress of nearly transparent peach silk. Even after all these years, it still looked brand new thanks to the many spells of protection and warding sewn into it in sparkling golden thread. Lahela was a prizmatic mage* and her clothing still had magic of its own, even if she was dust by now. It was a long dress, very loose on an elven woman, but he knew someone whom it would fit like a glove, as if it were made for her.

"She needs something to wear....this'll do." He closed the box and started back up the stairs in a run, the dress under one arm, the bottle of possibly toxic drink under the other.

*Lahela - Meaning: Innocent Lamb
*prizmatic mage - Wizards who use energy rays in the form of Prizmatic spells (Prizmatic wall, prizmatic ray, prizmatic orb, prizmatic lance etc...) They don't know many spells, but since each one covers a wide spectrum of effects, they don't really need too.

BG music: Hoobastank - Crawling in the Dark

part 8

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by BunELovecraft
Part 8 is kinda's late.

When Elhaz came back into the room, Geli nearly jumped out of her skin. One minute there was utter silence and she was alone under that coat, the next she was lying on her back, looking up at Elhaz who was sitting next to her on the furs, two coffee mugs in one hand and a weird looking bottle in the other.

"HEY!" She made a swipe at him with one hand and missed as the elf easily dodged her by leaning back a tad. He shoved the bottle into her hands.

"Open this would you, that brute strength of yours is good for some things." He said coldly, setting the mugs down next to him. Geli gave him the worst death stare ever, one full lip curled into a perfectly horrid snarl. Elhaz had to admit that she was really scary when she got mad, any woman with extra large canine teeth, a prehensile tongue, an attitude, and preternatual strength would be. Fights between the two of them were usually extremely painful.

The alien woman sat up slightly, her long hair falling over her shoulders, and calmly jabbed one finger into the cork on the top of the bottle before wrenching it open with a resounding *POP*. She handed him the bottle, spilling the sparkling black liquid onto his leg, and flicked the cork into the fire. The fact that this female could punch a hole in a cork with her pinky made Elhaz reconsider hanging out with her.

"You scared me you bastard." She said sullenly, her hands resting lightly on her stomach. She really wanted to roll over since it was a little warmer that way, but she didn't dare show her back to him. While lying like this was submissive (to her alien side that is), it at least kept her ready in attack mode. Geli had a serious problem with anybody being behind her; it made her vulnerable, and that was one thing she loathed. "Say something next time before you steal my coverings and appear out of nowhere."

"Here." The elf poured some of the dragonsbane liquour into one of the mugs. "It might be a little bitter. Scan it with your brainware if you want." He took a heavy swig straight out of the bottle before pouring his own mug full. His eyes watered slightly; the stuff was much stronger after 50 years. Geli looked into the mug and he saw the sparkling gleam of tiny letters race across the surface of her eyes as her brainware did a quick scan. The elf never really got used to the fact that she had a computer installed in her brain. It truely came in handy, but it was still odd when she got "The Blue Screen of Death" while in the middle of sex and she'd pause to bitch out her brainware and restart it. Funny, but annoying.

"Ah, herbal hootch eh?" She said with a little smirk and took a sip of the dark liquid. "Do...continue." Geli coughed, sitting up all the way. "I wish I wasn't naked...."

"Uh...I want you to...have this." Elhaz said softly, holding out the peach dress. Geli noticed that his cheeks were flushed almost as if he were blushing, she figured it was from the drink. "It belonged to...someone special to me. Now I want you to have it." His voice got so soft by the end that she could barely hear him as she took the dress from his hands carefully. It felt like holding something soft and warm, yet completely weightless. The silk was as smooth as fresh cream against her fingers and when she held it up to her, it felt positivly devine against her chilled flesh.

"It's beautiful!" She whispered. By now Elhaz had gulped down his entire mug and was pouring another. Already he could feel that numb feeling in his senses and that tiredness that came after he drank alot. Back before he met Geli, one glass of wine would have him staggering since elves didn't take their drinks well, but now it took quite a bit to take him down. He figured it was the nano-machines from Geli but he wasn' t quite sure.

"Why don't you...."He paused as his vision blurred for a second. "Put it on..." Unsteadily he pushed the mug and bottle as far away from him as he could with his foot; he'd had more than enough for one night.
Note to self he thought, never drink this stuff again....

part 9

PostPosted: Wed Feb 11, 2004 11:28 pm
by BunELovecraft
<i>"Why don't you...."He paused as his vision blurred for a second. "Put it on..." Unsteadily he pushed the mug and bottle as far away from him as he could with his foot; he'd had more than enough for one night. Note to self he thought, never drink this stuff again....</i>

Geli got to her feet and held the dress out infront of her in the orange glow of the fireplace. "You think it'll fit me?" It was definately long enough for her, but she wasn't sure if her perky breasts would stay in the top part, and with the rest of her sculped body...she didn't want to rip any seams in it. Elhaz leaned back on one arm and just stared at her with those intense violet eyes of his; not saying a word.

"Oh...ok...if you think it'll work...." Carefully she pulled the fine silk down ever her head, and with some shimmying, managed to get the dress all the way on without getting her arm stuck in it or tearing anything. It fit her perfectly, just as he knew it would: the plunging neckline fit her as it if it were made for her, the rest of the dress skimmed her curves quite naturally, and the color really looked amazing with the mocha skin and blue hair. "Well, what do you think?" She spun around once, the gossimer silk floating around her ankles.

"It looks..." his voice cracked, too much dragonsbane whiskey in the blood and a sight like Geli in that outfit really made it hard to talk..."It looks wonderful. Really, it really does...." Geli sat down next to him on her knees Japanese style and bowed.

"Thank you master." Her long, soft hair hid her smirk as she leaned over. If Elhaz was drunk....she could get quite a lot out of him and not just information. She wanted to know what this ex-wife deal was about, but she was sick of him getting into so much detail! Now to time to steer the conversation in a direction she found more entertaining. "So what caused the spat that started the Midas war and thus, killed your first love?"

Elhaz was taken aback; that was quite a sudden change in topic. He blinked for a minute, trying to gather his thoughts which had suddenly run for cover. "Whaa....?"

"Well it's only obvious. I mean really, this took place right before the Midas war, and the fact that she's not around anymore means that she died somehow, and the fact that the your clan has no new leader means that this was was partially your fault and thus you feel guilty, thus you're telling me, hoping for some sort of peace in your mind about the death of your previous wife, whom i'm sure was a wonderful woman, but one that I'd rather no hear of being that she was your first love ever." She said in a rush, in one breath, leaving her elven partner staring at her blankly for quite some time afterwards. "What? What I say?"

PostPosted: Sat Mar 27, 2004 11:29 pm
by BunELovecraft
She said in a rush, in one breath, leaving her elven partner staring at her blankly for quite some time afterwards. "What? What I say?"

Elhaz was shocked; he knew she was direct, but she really messed up his groove. "Well I...I...I didn't exactly...oh sit down and shut up!" He was too tired to stay sitting up so he flopped down on the furs and rested one hand over his eyes. "Where was I...oh yes...well to make a long story short, three of my brothers made a deal with have my wife slain on our wedding night so her clan would think I did it and I would have to give myself over to them in payment. It didn't exactly go as they planned." the elf sighed, his vision extremely blurry when he took his hand away. In the dim light....Geli looked so much like Her. It made his pulse race to look at her; was it the memory of his long lost lover, or what he felt for the alien woman that did it? or could it be the fact that he was completely smashed?

"I still remember our first and last night together. I was...a virgin. Yeah laugh. HAHA. We both were. It was kind of awkward, but it was...sweet." He sighed, remembering how shy the two of them had been to take their clothes off infront of one another that first time. "After a night of love making, she....fell asleep in my arms and I never saw her alive again. Someone must have poisoned the wine...we'd both had some, but she was so much smaller than I was and drank most of the bottle. It killed her outright, she probably didn't suffer, she still had a smile on her face.... I healed myself with my magic but the poison did do a little something to me. Lilith said that it must have killed off that part of my brain for moral thought. Made me a total sociopath." His vision was starting to get even more foggy and he closed his eyes for a moment.

"Elhaz, are you ok?" Geli's voice was soft and far away....

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by BunELovecraft
His vision was starting to get even more foggy and he closed his eyes for a moment.

"Elhaz, are you ok?" Geli's voice was soft and far away....

"Yeah...I"m fine" the elf murmured. For some reason he felt half asleep and very muddled, as if he was listening to her from under water. He was just about to fall asleep when he felt the satin touch of Geli's lips on his. Maybe she thought he was passed out, it was hard to say at first as the tip of her tongue slid against his mouth gently.

"Don't go to sleep on me Elhaz....I have something to tell you" He opened his eyes half way and saw her. Not Geli, but Lahela. Maybe it was the drink or the time or night, or the fact that he was so tired...but the waves of soft blue hair, the delicate line of her jaw...all looked like HER! Now that he thought about it, if Geli had pointy ears she'd look just like....

"Even though she died...she loved you. For that short time you were together...I bet she was happy. It's not your fault that you lived and she didn't."
" was my fault I should have...known" He knew he shouldn't have drunk that much, Geli was starting to blur in his vision...first Lahela then his Bioweapon partner then Lahela again. "Oh gawd I swear I'm hallucinating" the elf groaned and covered his eyes with his hands. "You're not're NOT HER!"

Geli leaned down over him, her long blue hair lightly brushing the backs of his hands; he could smell that heady scent of jasmine and metal that clung to her but also something else...something like rosemary and lavender. Lahela: it must be the dress, it must still smell like her. He shivered as her hot lips brushed against his fingers.
"I can be....if you want me to." She whispered

He opened one eye and glared at her...there were two of her now, then three...then back to one. Being drunk sucked. "That's kinky you know, pretending to be a dead girl...i'm not drunk enough to believe that'd take something serious to get me to go along with...."
She smiled slowly and gave the side of his neck a sharp little nip
"Something serious?"