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New Look

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Well, it at least looks better than it did before. I'm not sure if I'm satisfied with it yet, but I'll let this one stay up a while. Let me know what you think.

BTW, please help spread the VND gospel anyway you can. I want everyone to be a part of this weird little comic I call home.

If you're still confused by what's going on in the strip, you should be. I'm not one to hand all the answers to ya. You're gonna need to pay attention and fill in the blanks yourself. That's part of the fun, don'tcha know. It'll all start to fit within the next few weeks. You need to read VND like you watch David Lynch, or read James Joyce....very carefully.

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Not sure about this new design.

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I don't want to be a jerk about this, but your original page design was infinitely superior to your new one. It was clean, elegant, and matched your art style perfectly. The new design looks messy and unfocused, and your actual comic looks sort of slapped in there.

It's your page, obviously, and I'm no expert on layout as you can tell by looking at my stuff, but this new design ain't doing it for me.

It won't stop me from reading VND, but it is off-putting and makes visiting your page a less pleasurable experience.

(end of being a jerk)
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Update your site u lazy piece of junk!! I do sort of have to agree with the guy b4 me. I don't think the design matches your style. Oh well, all good things usually do come to an end... :(