Fancomic #3 - Comic explains stuff

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Fancomic #3 - Comic explains stuff

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See, I had the random idea to have a talk about each comic has it goes that we might actually USE this board, instead of letting it sit here in obscurity - since Keenspace is actually WORKING for a change...

Peraonally, I think today's comic is a little helter-skelter. No offense to Comic, but it's randomness made it no-so-funny, I think...little boxes with explinations might have

You'll see these reviews in comics I didn't write, since the comics that I write are all perfect and don't need a review.

quck panel by panel review

The first panel is him *after deb and matt beat him up*
The second panel is me *saying Chargon didn't kill me*
The third panel is Matt and expination to the funny artwork from Chargon's comic
The fourth panel is Chargon, saying his catch phrase, still burning...

seems disjointed, but good. Wow, for those who know what I'm saying, I feel like I'm doing commentary...