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Red Knight

PostPosted: Sat Sep 14, 2002 10:14 pm
by FilthNails
You mentioned new party members, I think, in one of the other threads (yes, there's only 3, I'm lazy). I'm gonna take a guess and say Red might be one of them.
1. Same sprites as Kuros, so it would be easy to manipulate his design and emotes.
2. And most notably, 'If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.'

Seems at this time, Red Knight has nothing to fear from his wizardly master Malkil, being immune to magic (I assume he just gets better when turned into a slime), but for wealth and action, he would go with the trio, especially considering he's been schooled so many times by them.
Of course, in that case, Malkil would probably render him less than invulnerable as punishment, and to keep things in line.
Kuros: Why bother fighting anything? Mr Invincible can take care of it.
CG: The hell he can, I wanna fight already! I trashed a whole techno empire, and now I'm booting bats and snakes.
Link: Kuros, you're kidding me? I've mopped the floor with him left and right. He couldnt destroy a damp paper bag.
Red Knight: ...why do you say things that you know will hurt me?
CG: I guess Link found another weakness in that armor. Wuss!

PostPosted: Thu Jan 02, 2003 9:12 pm
by X273
To be honest, I really can't see the Red Knight as anything more than a runnng gag... He might go beyond the current quest, and come back throughout the comic (although you would have to figure out how to keep it going after the last one), but I cannot see him in the party... He would be to similar to Kuros.

Re: Red Knight

PostPosted: Sun Jan 05, 2003 4:15 pm
by Dingo
Well, to be honest, I would like to see more of the Red Knight. (Perhaps as a leader of the "Rejects" of Kuros; leading a band of adventurers on the same Quests as the "three clueless knights" and appearing everytime they succeed in a quest - as the ones that succeeded also just 10 minutes before).

Red Knight

PostPosted: Thu Jan 09, 2003 1:49 pm
by King Author
As fun as the Red Knight has been, I think he's likely going to disappear with the end of this adventure, at least for awhile. I'm running out of jokes, and I have better people lined up for other roles I could put him in. Maybe I'll have him show up guarding end bosses next time they do a dungeon crawl.

As for the reject army thing, I hate to ruin a surprise I had, but I'm gonna say now, for the record, that I had plans for such a thing long before this post came out. Brook and Paul can back me up, I hope. Then again, it's a well documented fact that stick figure artists plot to overthrow their cruel masters...

I'm gonna hide in an overpixelated oil drum now. Image

PostPosted: Sun Jan 12, 2003 12:32 pm
by FilthNails
Ah well. I'm amazed Link came up with as much loopholes as he did to slime the poor schlep.
Though, I suppose this brings up the question... what if Link wasn't around to save the day? CG and more so, Kuros, don't seem to have Link's versatility.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 11, 2004 7:09 pm
by KurosPaladin
Didn't the Red Knight claim at one point he is Kuros' brother?