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Here's the FAQ so far.

If you would like to help me to avoid looking pathetic, please ask a question. Otherwise the rabid woodchucks will be coming for you. When you're asleep. And utterly defenseless. Yes, woodchucks are amoral that way.

1. Is KM set in ancient Japan?

For some reason, a lot of people believe KM is set in ancient Japan -- guess it's all the Japanese cultural references ^^. As much as I'd love to set KM's roots in Japan, I don't have the know-how to do it properly. So you'll have to settle for the random cultural tidbits I glean from anime and friends who take Japanese.

2. Is the Kurenai Mashin a girl?

No one who's read KM has actually asked me this, but those who've just seen my character art often mistake the Kurenai Mashin for a girl. I take comfort from the fact that I thought Kenshin was a somewhat homely girl...until I saw the anime. Plus his seiyuu is a woman.

3. How did you learn how to draw so well?

I can draw? That wasn't meant to be facetious. For me, the ability to draw is a constantly evolving skill. If I adore one my drawings today, one month from now I'll inevitably be picking it apart for errors. Everyone does it, some just have a keener eye than others -- and in my humble opinion, that's how you learn how to draw. Of course, it doesn't hurt to practice compulsively ^^;

4. If he's an elf, why doesn't Turo have large pointed ears...or any ears for that matter?!

Heh. There's a pseudo-explanation when Turo is talking to Sao about never having left the village. Whenever Turo gets into trouble with his grandmother, she uses the classic punishment of dragging him back home by his ears. Turo believes, hypothetically, that if Pokata can't see his ears, then she can't punish him this way any more. But he hasn't risked testing out his theory yet -- because his ears are still sore from the last time he disobeyed Pokata ^^.
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