Woe! Weep for me.

Woe! Weep for me.

Postby ZOMBIE USER 8454 on Sat Aug 24, 2002 12:59 am

UNFINISHED PROJECTS! they get so frustrating sometimes... i have to set my sights high, otherwise i feel like the work i do is pedestrian; but when it comes to creating it, i can't stay interested. i have a lot of creative energy (i think it's the only energy i have) but i can't focus it.

here are some of this summer's undertakings that were never undertaken:
-learning watercolors
-getting an apartment
-collaborating on a children's book (see other thread) (this still could happen, by the way.)
-starting a Klezmer band and becoming a street musician
-getting my rock band, Dirty Sixty, into a performable state. ha.
-finishing my animated short, "My Name Is Jake"
-writing and filming a movie with my friends
-going on a large-scale road trip (we DID go on one to Indiana, but hmm.)

some of these are pretty lofty! i can't help it! i really, really want to do great things, but i just don't have the attention span.

that's probably why i'm a cartoonist.
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Postby ScottE on Mon Aug 26, 2002 12:52 pm

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