a good day in the USA

a good day in the USA

Postby ZOMBIE USER 8454 on Thu Jul 04, 2002 3:55 pm

evenin' folks. i want to warn you all that July 5th's strip will be appearing on July 6th. it's looking like i won't get back into Iowa City until late tomorrow night, and the great IC institution known as Jazz Fest starts that evening, which i'm hoping i won't miss.

i will tell you, though i won't make any promises, that this strip will be a glorious color "sunday," and i'll try not to cut any corners this time in the art.

now. anything else? what's that? how are you doing, brian? well, i'm doing great. the bottom tier of counties in Iowa is about the most patriotic place you can be, on this patriotic holiday. i'm just about to go chow on barbecue, followed by watermelon, followed by GRATUITOUS fireworks... uber-Norman-Rockwell, yes.
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