100,000 hits! and upcoming first anniversary on Feb 10th...

How to celebrate!

Poll ended at Mon Jan 20, 2003 9:42 pm

get fans to send in art and showcase it
Uneide makes celebratory art (if so, post of who!)
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Uneide makes celebratory spoof
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100,000 hits! and upcoming first anniversary on Feb 10th...

Postby Uneide on Mon Jan 13, 2003 9:42 pm

Blatah has reached a 100, 000 hits, and on Feb. 10th shall have it's first anniversary.

This to me is a rather large and happy milestone - actually both of them are. So now I'd like suggestions! Any thoughts on how to mark this moment? *G* posting a poll right now on the Blatah forums off the main page so you can cast your vote!

Thank you guys, for enjoying my creation. I hope that you continue to do so! So vote in the poll, and let me know how you would like to celebrate it! :)

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GMC and 1/2 Orange!

Postby Erekose on Mon Jan 13, 2003 9:50 pm

I wanna see more Giant Mutant Chicken and Half-Orange spoofs to commemorate the ocasion. That and my fan art, which I guess I still have to scan in :)
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Postby Rillystar on Mon Jan 13, 2003 10:17 pm

how about...all of the above?
Um yeah....I'll shut up now....

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