Blatah Holiday fan art Contest!

Blatah Holiday fan art Contest!

Postby Uneide on Wed Dec 04, 2002 5:36 pm

Blatah Holiday fan art Contest!
Interested? Read on.

This winter, I will finally take one week off. Incommunicated, far
from computers and such things... instead of doing random art
filler, I was hoping to fill it with holiday pics.

What is it?
Simple - draw your favorite Blatah characters for the holidays, any
way you like, naughty or nice. It can even non denominational,
winter holidays thing.

December 15th. I want something to put up as filler for the week
that I will be away for the Xmas holidays.

I have acquired:
6 Jumbo laminated Revolutionary girl Utena postcards.
6 Jumbo sized double sheets of Inuyasha stickers
2 Gundam Wars mecha mousepads (really thin things, but cool looking)
Fruit Basket pencil board
Ayashi no ceres pencil board

And of course, the first place will also get the blatah plushie of
their choice made by yours truly. Have other anime goodies ( I live in Japan, so if there is a series you are particular about, ask anyhow, I may have something for it. ;)
I will be scanning the above prizes tonight, they should be on the friday update.

mail entries to my account, possibly under 200k, or send me the url! ;)

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