last panels' pencil

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last panels' pencil

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Uneide! How are you? I simply adore the last two pages. The pencil in these's so evocative, and the colors are really well chosen.

I'm eager to know what Eggman's reaction will be when he'll wake up. I know that I seem a little... uh... cruel, but I enjoyed the last 'sadistic scenes'. I'm ill. I know. Be understanding with me...

ciao, and keep up your grreat work!
PS:Sorry if you haven't heard of me lately, I haven't forgotten my part of trade, be sure.... :o

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why thank you... ;)

Post by Uneide »

Why thank you Gilda. ^_____^ The entirety of Eggman's vision will be in watercolour pencils with a bit of Photoshop effects.... I'm really happy for the input, good to know you like it. ;)

You want his reaction when he wakes up eh? *Evil grin* hmm... cruel ? Ill? Nah, I've come to the conclusion that we hurt the characters we love best... *thinks of Kaim*

HIs scenes with Aryck were rather crucial to the plot, as it will begin to show, hopefully. As for his reaction... I think it will take a long time for him to fully comprehend, let alone digest, what happened to him.
(Exactly what that was will be hinted at during the vision... the effects were certainly more than merely physical)

;) and re: art trade, no worries, I'm sure when it is finished it will be well worth the wait! ;)
Molte Grazie, Gilda. :wink:

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