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I had an entire section on this before they changed the Keenspace forums, but.. ANYWAY... I will start posting these as I get them. Will do my best to reconstruct the others. Feel free to post any questions you'd like me to answer !;)

1. What does "Bla-tah!" mean?

Personally I've always thought that there are some things best left unexplained.. but since I get this question a considerable amount of times:

Bla-tah! : In the Draconic dialect of the Tyur clan, it means "Charge!" "onwards!" and "pastry".

Told you so.

2. Why is the comic so blurry? Have you tried... (insert suggestion)

I always welcomc suggestions about the storyline and art, however in this case the effect IS deliberate. The first part of Blatah! is supposed to leave the reader with a vague dreamlike impression.. the same dazed state that Eggman is often it. Hence the blurriness, more specifically achieved with Photoshop's airbrush tool.

3. Will you draw my rp character?
Most commonly from people who have visited my elfwood site or my Portfolio site. Regrettably, I don't have a lot of time these days for Character Requests. I was drowned by them for a number of months, hating to turn people away, and it just about drove me to throwing pickles from a roof.

So no, sorry. I do however, undertake commissions and the ocassional art trade.

4. Do you draw Commissions? What do you charge?

Er - yes I do, time permitting. Email me for a listing of prices... it depends on the medium that you like and the specific work that you want me to do.

5. What tools do you use?

I draw my comics with a mechanical pencil ina random sketchpad, then scan them into photoshop and shade them using the airbrush tool. I acquired a tablet about a month ago, so I will use it more once I actually learn how to.

6. What are your influences?

Art wise? Writing wise? I love classic sci-fi such as Bradbury or Asimov, and numerous fantasy writers. Additionally, I've Rp-d a number of years, which inevitably colours the mood of my setting.

As for art, too many to list - manga artists galore, such as Yu Watase,and fantasy artists like Patrick Woodroffe and so on.

Q/ Where do you Rp?

A/ I don't roleplay much these days for various reasons. However, the two places I used to frequent and still lurk at on ocassion are under the LINKS section: My favourite place in the whole wide online rping world,:) The Black Dragon Inn, and Mylander's Inn.

Q/ Can I have your icq/msn/aol name so that we can chat?

A/ Sure, but - two problems with that:

1. I am in Japan, so chances are when I am online you won't be, and viceversa.

2. After death of harddrive I haven't reinstalled MSN or ICQ, and find my attention span lasts longer sans all the blinkie windows. my AIM is still on my Elfwood gallery, but I rarely have it on.

You're always welcome to post on my forums though, and look up, they even have a handy Private Messages option.

Q/ Will you link to my page/comic/gallery?

A/ I often do, but only if I -really- like the content and you have a substantial amount of work online (as in your comic has been going at least a few months) This is because I hate long lists of links... but if it is something you think I or my readers would love, then send me the url, I will at least check it out....

Q/ I saw your Elfwood gallery, and your picture of... is perfect for my rp character, can I use it?

A/ More often than not - NO, you can't. Many of the pics on the gallery are either of my own characters(copyrighted, hands off) or depictions of friends' characters. Because of this, I hope you understand that I do not take kindly to people ripping off my images - these are my babies.
HOWEVER - I do on ocassion put up a random char doodle, and those you are welcome to use provided you ask first! That way I can probably give you a better version of the image too. If you are dead set on a chara, then talk to me about commissions, or an art trade, and perhaps we can set something up.


Q/ Why is Eggman named that?

A/ I'm still amused by the theories going around as to how he got his name. Yes, I have gone out of my way to imply that it will be revealed- and a plot point later. *G* for now, you can guess to your heart's content....

A shapeshifting bard. A girl who falls from the sky or is thrown off roofs. a self described stylish monk.

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