OT: Lord of the Rings

OT: Lord of the Rings

Postby ZOMBIE USER 12076 on Mon Sep 30, 2002 5:07 pm

This is off-topic so I offer my sincerest apologies and hope that it doesn't upset anyone. I only bring it up for two reasons: #1. Other posts have been off-topic so I hoped I wouldn't get slagged & #2. I couldn't bear it, I had to share this with anyone and everyone that I possibly could just to get it out of my system.

So, if there are any Lord of the Rings fans I just wanted to make sure you'd seen the new trailer. You can download it here:

It just about did me in. I'll be immersed in this to keep me occupied while I wait anxiously for tomorrow's Arcana strip. .^_^.
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