Sheesh! wish everyone were more like the greeks...

Sheesh! wish everyone were more like the greeks...

Postby Lorelel on Mon Sep 30, 2002 3:31 pm

(Well I'm finally back! School's a pain)

Just about every greek hero HAD to have a male lover :D Hercules,Achilles,Dionysus,Zeus,apollo,Peplon(something like that), Peplon guy's son, (list goes on...)
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Postby Lorelel on Mon Sep 30, 2002 3:35 pm

this is a real one, who's love became a legend (a very unkown one thhough)

Arion was a brilliant young musician (the lyre) and a “singer of songs” (a poet) in the most intimate service of Periander, King of Corinth.

At the time of a famous music festival in Sicily Arion left to compete in the contests. The king, who loved Arion, did not want him to go but the young man prevailed promising his immediate return after the festival... “Oh, Periander,” he exclaimed, “dismiss your fears. Soon shall you forget them in my hot embrace!”

He went to Sicily, competed, and won the biggest prize; a good deal of money... On the ship back the piratical sailors coveted his purse and announced their intent to kill him. But first, they wanted him to give them a concert dressed in his theatrical attire. He behaved courageously and with dignity, lamenting only, — “Alas, my only regret is that I must leave my friend behind me, never to see him again.” With that he threw himself off the ship. They watched him go under, lyre still in his hand, and began counting their loot as the ship sailed on.

(Now here’s where the story becomes “legendary.” We’ll never know how the real Arion made it to shore.)

But the creatures of the deep had heard and were enchanted by his wonderful music and suddenly, a magnificent dolphin rose up beneath him and carried him to shore accompanied by other dolphins as outriders.

Arion rid himself of his sodden garments and journeyed on, lyre in hand singing with a heart full of love, not caring about his loss, only mindful of what he still had; the love of Periander and his lyre.

There is a fevered reunion as the king receives Arion into his waiting arms...
Later, the king tracks down the miscreants, has them brought to court, and asks where Arion is. They lie saying they left him happy in Tarentum whereupon Arion emerges from behind a curtain. They are terrified, admit their guilt, and are sure they are going to die. Periander, however, merely exiles them in perpetuity; an astonishingly magnanimous act for the ancient Greeks. Pity was not much their style in situations like this.

The king explains his decision thusly; “Arion wishes not your blood, you slaves of avarice! Begone! Seek some barbarous land and never may anyone or anything beautiful delight your souls!”
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Postby Mira Fastfire on Mon Sep 30, 2002 4:04 pm

In one of Socrates' debates (Charmides), he's speaking with a boy who is noted to be pretty MANY times, and Socrates mentions him feeling the sort of equivalent of his heart skipping a beat -=^_^=-

But speaking about gay men in history, Shakespeare could've been bi (read his sonnets), and King Richard the Lionhearted was gay.

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Postby ZOMBIE USER 12076 on Mon Sep 30, 2002 5:00 pm

Sheesh! wish everyone were more like the greeks...

Hear hear! Yep, I second that. Life would be more interesting and less superficial in many respects.
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Postby Laurefin on Tue Oct 01, 2002 3:06 am

At first: Hai all!

At second: About the 'gay' Greek.

It was very normal as an older Greek man to have a lil boy just for fun. They met eachother at special fora in the city (Athene) and the older man 'thaught' the younger one how to deal with sex. When the boy became older, he would search a younger boyfriend. And so on, it was more like a tradition.
Unfortunately, I can't find the book now with this story in it :-?, so I can't explain it better then this.

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Re: Socrates

Postby Lorelel on Tue Oct 01, 2002 3:25 pm

Mira Fastfire wrote: King Richard the Lionhearted was gay.

Ff8 anyone? (Squall leonhart)
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Postby Notyetknown on Wed Oct 02, 2002 3:09 am

ai ai!!
im sometimes jealouse of them acient-dead-people, butt then their empire collapsed, royalty fell so far, and the triumphret became corrupt. they did know what they liked and got the rest fo the known world too accept people for who and what they were, even if they sold some of their own children into slavery.

-kinda off subject...

does anyone here remember that musical animation winds of change? this movie came out way before my time, butt my parents had it on video.... does this mean they were hippys?? well, this movie had always thrilled me too watch and it had such great animation. you can see some actuall clips of the movie here as Orpheus of the Stars. definatly worth all the searching i did too find this clip.
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Postby Arborwin on Mon Oct 07, 2002 1:40 pm

*pours rain down upon the party* XD

I wouldn't wish everyone was Greek ... they may have had different ideas about homosexuality, but they were also mysogynistic and xenophobic ... worse than our present society in some respects.
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Postby Greek Amazon13 on Mon Oct 07, 2002 2:15 pm

*Drools over any reference to Ancient Greece*

Yeah, and in the Roman legions, it was encouraged to have a lover among the ranks.....

Though, personally.... I like that there are attractive straight males.... I mean.... I want sex, too....

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Postby Lorelel on Mon Oct 07, 2002 2:44 pm

yep, straight males are also good, bi men are ok, but straight is safe! gay's are great to have for best friends! (ok I'm going weird)

Anyways totally off topic:
I have all the the weisskreuz eps 1-21 and 2 of it's ova's and I can't watch any of em >:P stupid streamload...going to check out ftps once I figure them out...
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