Two years on

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Re: Two years on

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hehe yes a while since i read me old posts too :shucks:
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Re: Two years on

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Oh hey...more stragglers...

I've got this topic on watch so this place keeps sending me e-mails from time to time.

You know...I don't think I've changed all that much...comparatively speaking...but then...I was what...between 17-19 when I started coming here?

I wonder how long this place will stay around?

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Re: Two years on

Post by Lewellynthedolphin »

In a rare moment of nostalgia, I remembered this place. Even more shockingly, I remembered my login and password after all this time. Though, it took me quite a while to track it down the forum again. It looks like the owners have rebranded a bunch of times. I think it’s been 9 years or so since I really thought about this group. Probably since the last time I saw one of the members who meant quite a lot to me, back then.

Funnily, I still keep in touch with someone from here from time to time, but I don’t think we’ve mentioned this place in years, except to work out if we still kept in contact with anyone else.

I still have some great memories from the people I knew on here. I have some bad ones too. I have some painful ones, and some guilt I feel even years later, that while I would love to apologise for, circumstances make it so that I probably never will.

The people here were great friends, back in the day. Which, judging from the posts was 15 years ago now. God, we are all so old now. Thinking back, I miss all you guys. As silly as it sounds, some of my best memories as a teenager link back to this place. I’m going to have some fun reading through the old threads tonight, and reminisce about a group of awesome people I used to know. I’ll update my details on here and see if I can track this post somehow in case anyone else remembers it.
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