Imperialism and violence

Postby HelpThereAreAntsInMyPants on Mon Apr 08, 2002 6:35 pm

I notice that on the most recent comic frame (#10) there is both violence and social commentary for the first time. At first, the serpent-thing seems to be malliciously strangling the guard. However, the next frame shows that the serpent-thing is merely resorting to forceful tactics to improve the social understanding of the ignorant guard. The serpent clearly feels that social equality is such an important virtue, that it must be administered to the less civilized (even if by force). This situation reminds me of the days when the U.S. was stretching its imperialistic legs by invading Cuba. I feel that this symbolism could be made more apparent if the serpent-thing were named Omer-Eeca and the guard were named Q-Ba. This would give more intellectual depth to the frame.

Then, in frame #11, I hope to see Teddy Roosevelt make an appearance as he conquers the San Juan Hill of injustice. He should be shot in the shoulder, like all good cowboys, but not killed. In his weakest moment, I hope to see him muster the strength to beat all of the other characters to death with the pointed heel of his boot. If things progress something along these lines, the comic is sure to be an inspiring success.
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Postby Brent the Vampire Slayer on Thu Apr 11, 2002 7:30 pm

I agree, Teddy Roosevelt should, nay, must be shot. If not than I and others like me will boycott this page, and go back to reading The Adventures of Cowboy Jr., worlds greatest web comic.
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Postby DAvE on Sun Apr 14, 2002 8:17 pm

I ran the idea by Orlock and he decided it was it would corrupt his grand scheme of world domination. Also he released the wolves after me for asking. Thanks a lot guys.
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