Role Die #3 script submissions

Postby Cdcman on Tue Apr 02, 2002 11:01 pm

KHIDEKY's submission was the winner for #2. Congrats!

<img src="">

Now looking for submissions for #3.
Maximum of 4 panels please!

Here is an example of how script submissions shoulk look like:

Panel 1: The hero slowly turns around in fear

Panel 2: And sees a cute, but emotionless little girl. Guy: "Hello little girl. What are you doing here? A dungeon is no place for.."

Panel 3: Focus to the girl's feet which are floating a foot of the ground. Guy (off screen):"... a.. floating.. little girl.. like, um.. yourself."

Panel 4: Showing the man and the little girl's shadow.. only the little girl's shadow now has a dozen shadow tentacles springing from her back, poised to attack. Guy (off screen): "Crap!"
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