Question: Favorite Comic???

Question: Favorite Comic???

Postby Risawn on Thu Oct 24, 2002 3:26 pm

Alright, because I have nothing better to do, I surfed the archives of Creature and I am now going to give you Risawn's favorite Comics of C,KOTV:DG. (as of posting this, there are 91 in all)

In order of appearance (The fourth panel, *snickers* that's one of my favorite lines in this comic so far) (Aspirin!) (on how the eyeball world is depicted at least) (hehe, this comic sells Ockie on me) (first comic that really explains Creature and Splash's relationship) (interactive Comics!!!) (I love the Vortron) (creature knows how to get splash) (because I'm sick) (hehe I love Splash) (because it had a slight twist that the observant reader figured out, btw *smiles) (because it's got a lot of inside jokes and quite frankly, I'm the only one that get's it)

Of course, I look at the early(ist) comics, and I don't like the JPEG thingamajig on them. I'm considering rescanning all of them and redownloading them as GIF's, at least the Vortron Comics.

And I really don't like how Todd is drawn, hopefully I'll get my act together when we meet him again later.

As for favorite comic in general (other then creature), lately I have to say that "elf only in" at has taken the cake. I get a laugh off that one every time. Big fan of Mory's Education at as well. To tell you the honest truth, however, I don't read very many comics. Mainly becuase I lack much of a life as it is and don't have very much time to surf the internet for new material. Anyone want to enlighten me on other material to read???
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