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I was just looking through some keenspaces and I found
you site. I also have a keenspace at <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> and I have my own forum
on EZBoard. I have this forum instead of a keenspace
forum so I could have more freedom about it. I have
decided to make a community of keenspaces and other
online comics without forums. This would cause a cross
stream of traffic and bring new readers as well as
have your own forum to do whatever you want in. I know
you have a forum on your site, but I also noticed it
didn't have many posts, so I decided to pose this
question to you. You might be interested in the extra
traffic this might cause for your site. (especially
since there are so many forums on the keenspace
boards, there is little chance someone will find
yours. If you are interested please email me with your
decision and we can start the precedures. If not, then
the invitation is an open one and you are welcome to
take me up on it at anytime. my email is provided on
my site. Thanks for taking the time to at least read
Chris L.
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