Comic Frequency

Comic Frequency

Postby Silverblue on Thu Jul 13, 2006 7:00 pm

One of the things I promised myself when I started updating Lacunae again was that the comic was going to be from 1-3 times a week, not a strict 3. Partly this is because I am now running my own business with a partner - if I get a call or a rush job, I need to put my entire attantion on it. I'm on an incrediably tight budget at the moment, and work needs to come first. Lacunae panels take me about 5-6 hours to do, which is a fair amount of time in one week, :D .

Last night for some reason I stayed up until 2:00am to do Friday's, which I really, really have to never do again. Because it's absolute murder on my back and my ability to work the next day. But, damnit, I liked the punchline, so...

Essentially, the M/W/F updates are something that gets done when I have enough time. It will be Tu/Th on a week where I'm busy, or just W on a week when I'm going crazy from my work-violin practice-sport-socialising-comics cycle :)
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