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Does Jesse Jackson really think Barbershop is anti-black?
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Postby Reed 5150 on Fri Sep 27, 2002 11:35 am ... index.html

Basically, his biggest complaint is that they are questioning King's (and Jesse's) godhood. Folks, I'm not saying civil rights was bad, far from it. I appreciate King and Parks breaking down barriers. But understand, the civil rights movement was not a battle between innocent blacks and racist whites. The NAACP was playing its fair hand of deception. In Parks' case, they were looking for a test case to take to court, and Parks was one of their senior members.
Basically, civil rights leaders are falling into the idol worship that some of the Founding Fathers get today. There are few perfect people in the world: Washington was a horrible battlefield tactician, and there's a lot of evidence that Martin Luther King Jr. was communist (in some of his notes/memoirs/etc. he talks about how capitalism has outlived its usefulness). They were human: we should not be treating them as gods, no matter how laudable their achievements.
The greatest insult to King's legacy (and civil rights) IMO, are the ones who are crying the loudest: Jackson and Sharpton. They've made a mockery of decent human beings with their knee jerk reactions and numerous excuses and bullcrap. I'm pretty sure some of the people they "represent" are just as tired of them as I am.
To parody Andrew Jackson, "my greatest regret in life we'll be not shooting Jackson and hanging Sharpton."

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And there's my two cents.


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