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Comments on 8/30/02 comic...

Postby Reed 5150 on Sat Aug 31, 2002 11:32 am

The comic in question is here.

It's a good thing Robert Mugabe didn't choose a career as a spin doctor. He wouldn't have done well.

In fact, Mugabe isn't even very creative. In 20 years, he's run his own country into the ground. His solution? Blame everybody else. He blames the plight of the landless on the colonials, and claims that distributing white land without compensation will solve the problem (never mind the fact that most of its going to his political cronies). Hell, he turned down relief aid. Why? Because the corn was genetically-enhanced, which he has attributed to ruining his own country, and not this brutal economic upheaval he's perpetrating.
Give the man credit, he sticks to principle.
Of course, when blaming fails, blame the vast, white-wing conspiracy. From claiming that whites are refusing to vacate their farms because Britain is telling them to defy him (gee, maybe they don't want their things TAKEN from them? What a concept!), and, my personal favorite, calling every African nation that allies with the West an Uncle Tom. Mugabe, of course, having called the West "racist" numerous times, fails to see the irony.

"The legitimacy of our political system or our president is not dependent on America, Britain or any other country, but on Zimbabweans," a senior Zimbabwean foreign affairs official said. is Mugabe's incompetence our fault?

-Reed 5150
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