To everyone

To everyone

Postby Reed 5150 on Mon Jul 22, 2002 11:03 am

First off, for all 3 of my readers who read my comic, many apologies. I know I've promised you stuff, and I haven't delivered.
Unfortunately, several factors have hindered me:

1. Travel: my family loves to travel during the summer. Of course, the only problem is that out of my whole summer vacation, I've probably been home 2 weeks, at most. This, of course, is a problem, especially when all your image "props" are on your home computer. Of course, I could draw (poorly), but then there's still the issue of a scanner. And people here at Stanford (yes, the college, long story) have problems with you downloading/making comics on their library computers.

2. Summer homework: Speaks for itself, methinks. Of course, they tell us we need a summer essay, and neglect to tell us what it's on -_-;

3. Neverwinter Nights: It's like crack, only better.

Now that we've got the Piro-esque moment of introversion out, onto some other stuff.

-Guest "week" (aka 8 days) will kick off June 31st. I'll have to re-download and upload Duke's comics, because my computer suddenly had a problem with them that nearly caused me to lose all of the guest strips. Needless to say, I'll have to redownload them as .bmps and convert them to .jpgs. Sorry Duke ^^;
Anyway, here's a tenative schedule, pending anybody else sending me comics (hint hint...) :
-Duke's comics (6)
-Josh Nickerson's comic
-Owen's comic
Comics will still be accepted once guest week starts, and added to the end of the list.
Oh yes, one more thing: while it's going on, pending knowledge of me going anywhere else, I should be able to get some TR Comics (you're welcome, Hbomb) and Stupid Comics done. If I put a quick end to this storyline, it's because I got tired of it. This is why it pays to plan ahead, kids.

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Postby Hbomb on Mon Jul 22, 2002 12:38 pm

Hey! I haven't had time to do a guest strip, but I'm done with classes and don't have much to do for the bulk of the next 3 weeks.

Also, August is full on Snowflake, and September's going to be tight, but I can't wait to see some more TR.

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Postby DukeNuke on Tue Jul 23, 2002 4:36 pm

Well, if you can't get any new TR Comics until October up, you could always spend the time writing up new chapters to APJAA or posting at the Andthen Forums. (Hint hint)

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