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Finally someone let me out of my cage...

PostPosted: Sun Apr 16, 2006 9:07 pm
by Ed Festus
I haven't been here a while, it looks like there is a pulse here at least. :) The Raiders cover is pretty cool, seems it was put up a few days after I was last here.

As some may remember I have been threatening to do some sort of fan-work for JF for quite some time. Since several rejected (due to supreme crappage) fanarts and guest comics are lining the Langley city landfill I thought the least I could do is make a wallpaper.


800 X 600 & 1024 X 768

I made it out of a placeholder that was up a while back. I always looked at it when I needed cheering up. Now that it's on my desktop I should be a bundle of happiness all the time, right?

I never knew the real PsychoBlonde, she disapeared before I appeared. I hope she's doing alright, as are you all. :)