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What's goin on, y'all?

PostPosted: Thu Dec 04, 2003 10:01 am
by ZOMBIE USER 16849
Soooo, does this not exist anymore?

looks like it

PostPosted: Fri Dec 19, 2003 7:01 am
by ChibiBecca
or the artist and writers have been busy with other projects. *plotting to draw a fan comic some day*

PostPosted: Mon Dec 22, 2003 9:46 pm
by Terrenblade
dang, I realy liked this one. Just enugh crazyness for me.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 31, 2003 9:59 am
by ChibiBecca
perhaps we could set up a fan protest? ^^ *scribbles 'Oi! just do one comic per year and we'll be happy!' on some paper, holds it up*

PostPosted: Sun Jun 20, 2004 8:16 pm
by Soap Soaperson
Alas. T'was cute while it lasted!

PostPosted: Wed Oct 06, 2004 12:11 am
by Mr.Bob
Its back soapy! More cuteness ensues!

PostPosted: Wed Oct 06, 2004 8:49 pm
by Cosmic Bambi
... is it Monday yet?

PostPosted: Fri Oct 08, 2004 8:56 pm
by Pascalle draws Zap!
me need more star... what's the name again?