Stolen 'net connection!

Stolen 'net connection!

Postby Kitsume on Mon Jun 17, 2002 5:45 am

Mahaha, that's right, I'm posting on stolen property!

Well, not really. But, I love at least pretending I'm a petty criminal. Anyway. I've missed a bunch of stuff! I didn't read any of the GA I've missed, deliberately, cuz I can read 'em later when I have the time and bandwith to enjoy 'em properly... until then, suspense!

One thing I am a little confoozled about is the LJ reader thing... I remember the last few entries ya made, and the new ones are all new... I can't go back further! I'm missing out on valuble information here! x.x

Is there some way I can view the old entries? For curiousities sake?

BTW, sorry about the, uh, groin kick. -.- Although I did like the picture, in a semi-sick-and-twisted-I-sympothise-but-glad-it's-not-me kinda way. o.o

That's pretty much as far back as I can get. :/


Oh, you were talking about cold... I went to Canberra weekend before last; stepped off the airport into WINDY 9 degree's... dropped to 5 by the time we reached ANU campus... Went to like negative five over night. -.- Jeebus Crust! I was almost fully clothed and in a feather down sleeping bag inside a heated room (albiet with the window open; I don't know why, it was a friends room and he insisted that it be left that way) and I was still freaking cold. Previously I've never been in anything colder then, like, 14 or 13 degree's C. I froze. -.- Spent two and a half hours down and six hours back in Brisbane airport, too, which was a bummer. But hey, I finished the Cleric Quintet (all five books!) in the six hours back, so... I'm happy.

I kinda missed Maelstrom the last few weeks, for various reasons that I won't bore you with, so unfortunately I can't bring you any news on that front. I think everyone's fine, however.


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Postby Tanami on Mon Jun 17, 2002 4:20 pm

I am currently self-learning javascript, perl and cgi (cocurrently @_@) in an attempt to figure out just why that drop down box isn't working :P
I'll probably take it out until I figure out why it is doing what it's doing.
There isn't that much in the archive anyway.
If you tell me in an email where you were up to I can send you the direct url for the page.

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Postby Magus Nex on Sat Jul 06, 2002 4:03 am

Hey David you think it is cold in Canberra.
You are lucky it wasnt snowing when you was there. Also by the sounds of it, it was a warm night. :-?
Winter is a scray prospect, and something i really dread having to experience.
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