Postby LycorneShrop on Thu Jul 25, 2002 1:06 pm

I love 'em.
Great way to find new comics. So, 'bout time I tried hosting a decent one. Or two. I already have Rocket City Keen, which is very, very limited in it's scope. And since the changeover to the new keenspace forums, I don't get notices about replies to my old posts. So i'd been planning to change from the forum, to an e-mail form as the submission method for the dropdown.
So I decided to make a second dropdown while I was at it. OtherLife Keen. Comics involving past lives. 'Cause i'm a sucker for that stuff. ^_~
So I was checking out the dropdowns in the dropdown forum as I went to post about OtheLife, and saw someone wanting to create a dropdown for comics based n real people, RealSpace. They wanted the dropdown, but didn't want to make it. So I thought, "what the hell? I'm making one, why not 2?" Even though LotF doesn't qualify for RealSpace... exactly... Well, i'm not putting it in that hat at least.

So I created 2 new dropdowns today. OtherLife and Real Space.
Spread the word. I need people to join. ^_^

Oh and opinions, should I email existing comics and ask if they want to join?

Anyway, new Dropdown link: http://legendoffour.keenspace.com/dropdown/main.html
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Postby Fullcircle on Tue Mar 23, 2004 10:43 pm

Aside from Epic, I can't think of another dropdown that would be more appropriate for my comic. Are you still taking pleas to join? :)

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