Magically Speed Growing Hair

Magically Speed Growing Hair

Postby LycorneShrop on Mon Jun 17, 2002 8:02 pm

Leo the Lyoness <b>wrote</b>:

By the way, Lycorne, I was looking back at the previous pages of <i>The Legend of the Four</i>, and noticed a little something: Storm's hair is shorter. Either she grew it overnight with something like Miracle Hair, all for amazement, or...something else. Sorry, just wanted to point that out and ask if it was intentional or if you just got tired of short hair.

LOL. I was wondering if anyone would ever comment on Storm's magically growing hair. Yeah. I, unintentionally, drew Storm's hair longer and longer as I went along. Oops. I also decided, around page <a href="" target="NEW">45</a>. that I liked her hair about the length it was, but didn't like the way that I was drawing it. So I switched how I drew her hair at the end of chapter two, and have kept that look since. I've written it off as character re-design as I went along. Because that's pretty much what happened. Undine's hair has undergone some slight hair changes lately too, I've evened out the bangs in front instead of having one side longer. I'm gonna chalk it up to not having pre-existing character designs for those two when I started drawing the comic. There are a few others who never had official pre-planned character designs, but I promise not to change their looks on you.

The earlier problems were due to my lack of planning which has since been fixed. I think. ^_~ Let me know if you see any other discrepancies though. I'll be happy to explain/correct these things.

Thank you!
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