May I just say...

May I just say...

Postby Nevyik on Tue Jun 11, 2002 7:03 pm

May I just say that your friend looks nummy? :o And that I love your comic! and and... can I get your friend's costume designer's number? 8)
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Postby LycorneShrop on Mon Jun 17, 2002 5:24 am

Hehehe.... I'll have to make sure he hears that you think so. ^_~ That pic is actually 2 years old, from our senior trip. We went to a renn faire in Atlanta, Georgia. He's even cuter now. ^_~
His costume designer is actually himself, and much simpler than it looks. He took a really long piece of green fabric, like you buy at a fabric store to make clothes, folded it in half, cut a hole for his head and put on a belt over it. Then it's just a black shirt, black sweatpants and sandals. And he bought the armguard at one of the armor booths. (Shii~na) Expensive, but worth it I believe.

Sorry I took so long to reply. Work was time consuming, plusRib and I spent Friday and Saturday in Auburn. Lessee. Worked Wenesday, Packed and ran errands Thursday, Friday and Saturday in Auburn, Worked Sunday then had dinner with daddy. ^_^
^^;; Yeesh. Busy. I've got to go get this weeeks comics done today, or they won't get done. Double shift friday and all.

Thanks for posting! And for your patience with me.
I'm trying to get better about being onliune when I'm not at school. I need to get my computer hooked up. All these file transfers are a pain.

^_^ Lycorne
PS: Cool name by the way!
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