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Okay, I'm secretary for the anime club at Auburn University. I just had to share the quotes from last night's meeting. I had to record all of them, I'll post 'em wherever the bloody hell I want. Heh. ^_^;; I'm Becky in there by the way.


<p>"My god that was soooo f**king disturbing I think I'm gonna have to go kill something cute and fuzzy." - Matt, (an e-mail regarding <a href="" target="_NEW">this site</a>.) 04.16.2002<p>"I am intoxicated." - William, 04.16.2002<p>"I hate push mowers!" - William, 04.16.2002<p>"I kept thinking that they were gonna kill it, or shoot it, or something." - Matt, (about <a href="" target="_NEW">this site</a>.) 04.16.2002<p>"It's from overseas. I've learned never to question that. There's never a good answer." - Matt, (about <a href="" target="_NEW">this site</a>.) 04.16.2002<p><b>Stephen:</b> "Frosty and fries. Mmm, mmm good!"<br><b>William:</b> "What the -- ! AHH!!!"<br>- Ashley uses Frosty as a dip for her French fries, 04.16.2002<p><b>Matt:</b> "She's fattening us up! She's gonna eat us!"<br><b>Becky:</b> "No! I'm gonna sacrifice you to the evil demon wolf lord thing."<br><b>Stephen:</b> "She's not an ogress. She won't munch and crunch your bones."<br><b>Michelle:</b> "Yeah. She's more the slicing and dicing kind."<br>- Becky brought 2 cakes to club, 04.16.2002 <p><b>William:</b> "Yes. There's a dry county like 20 miles from here." <br><b>Stephen:</b> "Yes. Randolph County. My parents live there." <br><b>Matt:</b> "What!? Are they Amish?!" <br>- 04.16.2002 <p><b>William:</b> "I'm liberating the French fries!" <br><b>Ashley:</b> "NO!" <br><b>William:</b> "I'll save them!" <br><b>Ashley:</b> "NO!" <br><b>William:</b> "I'll save them from a frosty death!!" <br><b>Matt:</b> *steals Ashley's Frosty* "It's okay. You can give them back." *slurp* <br>- Ashley uses Frosty as a dip for her French fries, 04.16.2002 <p><b>Matt:</b> "Will. You're our entertainment for tonight. Dance for us!" <br><b>William:</b> "NO! I'll never!!" <br>- 04.16.2002 <p>"I might be drunk, but I'm sober enough to ignore you." - William, (to Matt) 04.16.2002 <p>"We know the monkey's name, but we haven't met him yet." - Stephen, (Fruits Basket) 04.16.2002 <p>"I had a dream the other night that I owned a monkey... And a tiger." - Matt, 04.16.2002 <p>"A dodecaduplet... So that'd be a 20-sided kid." - Stephen, 04.16.2002 <p><b>Matt:</b> "What's in it?"<br><b>Stephen:</b> "You don't wanna know." <br><b>Beau:</b> "Bread." <br><b>Matt:</b> "What's in the bread?" <br><b>Stephen:</b> "Lots of small children." <br><b>Matt:</b> "Real baby-back ribs!" <br>- Stephen made French bread pizza, 04.16.2002 <p>"The unbreakable bond of paint!" - Matt, 04.16.2002 <p>"And I would quote all that, but it's too damn much!" - Becky, 04.16.2002 <p><b>Stephen:</b> "Chris, it's not your job to question why, it's your job to watch." <br><b>Chris:</b> "I wasn't aware I had a job here." <br><b>Stephen:</b> "It's in the constitution... I'll print it out for you." <br>- 04.16.2002 <p>"What does the constitution say? Something about me getting two sheep and a monkey for being treasurer!" - Matt, 04.16.2002 <p><b>Stephen:</b> "And Beau, you can never not be able to perform your duties." <br><b>Beau:</b> "Why?" <br><b>Jana:</b> "Who's next in line?" <br><b>Stephen:</b> "Treasurer." <br><b>Matt:</b> "I shall rule you all!!!" <br>- 04.16.2002 <p>"Beacause we're all poor dumb college students, where are we going to get money from? Except Beau. Beau I can kidnap and ransom to his parents. After I ride the monorail. I've seen the pictures of his house! He's got a monorail!! Have you seen the pictures!?" - Matt, 04.16.2002 <p>"That is one messed up Jenga game!" - Matt, (the first scene of Elf Princess Rane) 04.16.2002 <p><b>Matt:</b> "There's a naked elf in front of him." <br><b>Stephen:</b> "He's just now realizing that." <br>- Elf Princess Rane, 04.16.2002 <p><b>Cap:</b> "Fi er'uoy gnidaer siht drawkcab, uoy evah oot hcum emit no ruoy sdnah." <br><b>Everyone reading aloud:</b> "If you're reading this backward, you have too much time on your hands." <br>- paused Elf Princess Rane, (I must be even worse for re-writing it.) 04.16.2002 <p>"Too many bunnies!" - Matt, (Elf Princess Rane) 04.16.2002 <p>"Observation bath? I need an observation bath! ...I can't bathe in normal observation places. They won't let me. I tried." - Matt, (Elf Princess Rane) 04.16.2002 <p>"No more acid for him." - William, (about Cap - Elf Princess Rane) 04.16.2002 <p>"You've got a monorail Beau? That's cool!!" - Sid, 04.16.2002 <p>"He's [Angel] gonna be making Melissa?!" - Matt, 04.16.2002 <p>"You da' ugliest Santa Claus I e'er seen! Is that a candy cane!?" - Matt, (Sitting on Sid's lap) 04.16.2002 <p><b>Matt:</b> "Watch out! It's tasted Dr. Pepper! It's out for blood now!" <br><b>Stephen:</b> "And Chris is sitting there barefoot on it!" <br><b>Chris:</b> "Dammit! Don't draw it's attention over here!" <br>- Stephen's carpet is possessed, and likes the taste of Chris's blood -- 04.16.2002 <p>"You're my only true sheep Sidney." - Matt, 04.16.2002 <p>"Why do you people keep trying to die at my place!? It doesn't look good! One day it's gonna be six people. 'No officer, I swear I didn't do it. They choked to death on the ice cream cake!'" - Stephen, (We start laughing and can't stop, thus can't breathe.) 04.16.2002 <p>"Do you want ice cream with your pen?" - Melissa, (Becky dropped her ink pen for taking quotes into her ice cream cake.) 04.16.2002 <p>"He's got problems! Get a day planner!" - Melissa, (about Kopii Rezo, Slayers) 04.16.2002 <p><b>Matt:</b> "Pollen!" <br><b>Melissa:</b> "Hey! I want some of that pollen." <br><b>Becky:</b> "That would be some highly magical sh*t." <br>- Holy Tree Flagoon - Slayers, 04.16.2002 <p>"I told him to get a day planner." - Melissa, (after Lina told Kopii Rezo he was defeated because he couldn't see past beating her, Slayers) 04.16.2002 <p><b>Jana:</b> "Did I hear that?!" <br><b>Melissa:</b> "Pu..." <br><b>Will:</b> "Mokona lives!" <br><b>Melissa:</b> "Puu..." <br><b>Chris:</b> "But I think Melissa dies." <br>- We're helping Melissa with her Mokona complex... Or making it worse, 04.16.2002 <p><b>Melissa:</b> "Okay Kyndig [Chris]. Just let me get my clothes and we'll go." <br><b>Chris:</b> "Yeah. You'll probably want your clothes." <br>- This is very much taken out of context, 04.16.2002 <p>"He doesn't get it? ... Dave's really naive." - Becky, (Dave didn't get why the above quote was funny.) 04.16.2002 <p>"Who needs Gourry when we've got Dave?" - Stephen, 04.16.2002
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