comic for 04.06.2002

Postby LycorneShrop on Fri Apr 05, 2002 6:14 pm

Saturday's Comic [04.06.2002]

I rather like how it came out. *nod* Not too bad. This is another page that I originally drew during my Thanksgiving break in 2001, but because of changes in how I draw the character Storm, I had to redraw a section of the page, and I did a ton of editing once I had scanned everything in. Inverting colors, fading higher quality images into the background, and inserting the new art. So... Not too bad overall. You can still see the poorer art on the young version of Kage, but... Ah well. No more old art pages like this will show up now. ^_^
I did some massive changes to the dialogue to be more informative instead of three very cryptic lines, bleck.

Whee! I been drawing lots today...
Go draw more now. ^_^
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