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I am officially ending Sawdust.

I haven't updated, or even tried to draw a new script since October 2004, and have exactly zero interest in continuing. Not that I haven't enjoyed it, I'm just done with drawing.

I have several projects spinning in the air, and one half-completed, all of which are pure writing. If I'm going to ever succeed at anything at all, I'll have to dedicate more time and focus on one medium. So, we must leave the unfinished stories of Hackler Mill... unfinished.

Thanks to all of you who do and have read the strip. I think there's some really funny stuff in these archives, and I've made a few people laugh. Hell, I've even gotten some people interested in the characters themselves, which I shall officially call a triumph of writing.

Good luck to all of you, good luck to me. If anyone's interested, I actually do have another ten scripts or so undrawn, which I could let you read to see where things were going. But then, that would be more tease than anything, I suppose.
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I want to know it all

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Finished or not.....I want to know it all...I'll be in touch Sloan.