calling all comic creators!

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calling all comic creators!

Post by ChibiBabe »

Hello everyone!
got your own comic you have created? then this is for you!
I'm from the New Zealand Broadcasting school and as my final project in my degree i am wanting to turn a comic into a pilot for a tv series or miniseries. it will be live action and filmed in the next six months.
it will be initially for assessment purposes only but past projects have goen onto television.
it doesnt matter if you do not live in New Zealand - it just makes it all the more challanging and fun!
i am interested in all types of comics so please, reply to this thread of email me on
look forward to hearing from you budding artists soon!!!

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Re: calling all comic creators!

Post by Aeonna »

That sounds like a really cool project, Stacey.

I hope you get some replies on this.
I suppose you would have to use comic which stars humans in a controllable environment like a flat?

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Re: calling all comic creators!

Post by MentallyMolested »

Did you ever make the pilot? If so, please post a link here so that we can see it! :)

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Re: calling all comic creators!

Post by AfterFallComic »

Looking forward to this... :D

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