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Anime drinking games

Post by MixedMyth »

I'm sure there are plenty out there. I couldn't help making one up for Gurren Lagaan, even though I don't drink much. Oh well...this is an excuse to get it out of my head.

The Gurren Lagann Drinking Game
This game comes in several stages. Each stage is cumulative so that by the end, all the rules are in the game. Do not read the rules for the next section until you reach the required episode, or you'll get a bunch of plot spoilers. The general rules are to be read in the beginning , followed by part 2, then part 3, and finally one rule at the very end. It is inadvisable to watch and play this game entirely in one session.

General rules:
1.“If you're gonna go down, go down in flames!”
Take 2 drinks every time a named character/enemy dies.
2.“My-Wife-Is-The-Best-In-The-Whole-World KICK!”
Drink every time a special Gurren Lagaan move is called
3.“While you weren't looking...”
Take a drink whenever an enormous amount of time suddenly passes.
4.“CATGIRL! It IS an anime!”
Take two drinks for every catgirl sighting.
5.“Crime against Nature”
Take a drink every time you see a new bizarre animal.
6.“That poor bastard.”
Take a drink every time Yoko kisses someone
7.“Glasses are aerodynamic!”
Take a drink every time a pair of glasses are used as a weapon.
8.“Go go Toaster Lagann!”
Take a drink every Lagann combines with something that isn't Gurren
9.“Damn that's a big paddle”
Take a drink every time Leeron improves something by making it more rediculous.
10.“The philosophical implications of this are...ahhh, let's just kill it.”
Take a drink every time the heroes don't understand the metaphysical intricacies of their situation and decide to just wing it like they always do.
11.“Patience, yeah yeah yeah, how long will that take?”
Take a drink every time Kamina ignores advice and prudence.
Take a drink every time Attenborough fires the weapons.
Take a drink any time any variation of this comes up.

After episode 8:
1.“For Kamina!”
He's dead, Jim. Immediately take 3 drinks.
2.“Sorry, Mario, the princess is in another castle.”
Take a drink every time Nia needs to be rescued.

After episode 16:
1.“In the face, Rossiu!”
Take a drink every time Rossiu does something dumb
2.“In. The. FACE.”
Take a drink every time Rossiu gets his comeuppance.
3.“Galaxies make the bestest ninja stars!”
Take a drink every time an astronomical entity is used as a weapon.
4.“Superfrajalistic Double Decker Expialidocious Gurren Lagann!”
Take a drink every time a new form of Gurren Lagann is introduced.

After the end:
1.“Nia WHAT?”
Take three drinks. You know why.
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Post by Brockway »

I love that random Catgirl. And so did the animators apparently. Also grape-hippo.

I think there should be a "Take a drink whenever Viral loses" but really, those other rules are more than enough to make most people comatose :P
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Post by Risky » has some generic suggestions.

For Outlaw Star, there's always "take a shot whenever someone says clan".

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Re: Anime drinking games

Post by Derek Dragomir »

For Pokemon season one.

1. "Team Rocket's punning your ass at the speed of light!"
Yell "NO!" every time Jesse, James or Meowth make a ridiculous Pokemon pun.
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