Belldandy, a blessing or another misfortune to keiichi?

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Belldandy, a blessing or another misfortune to keiichi?

Postby KODAMA on Wed Apr 13, 2005 8:27 pm

I bet some of you probably don't like reading IM logs, hell I dispise it myself, but I think this captures what I'm thinking fairly accurately:

kaitou: have you seen aa megami sama?
kaitou: or read the manga?
random-stranger: hrrmm.....which one is that??.....
kaitou: there's a goddess, belldandy
kaitou: and she comes down to earth to help keiichi
random-stranger: not manga, I read Love Hina and saw it
random-stranger: ohh....I only saw a few episodes....
kaitou: hmm, I don't really want to spoil it, XD eh, it can't be too bad
random-stranger: and they live in a temple thing cause keiichi can't bring girls to the apartment
kaitou: I've been thinking lately that aa megami sama is, although it seems to be heading towards a happy ending
random-stranger: I sorta didn't feel like fishing it
kaitou: a complete tragety
random-stranger: it has slow...slow...slow plot
kaitou: because keiichi may be living with a beautiful kind goddesss,
kaitou: haha no it doesn't
random-stranger: but he's embarrassed
kaitou: XD the OVAs are shitty but the movie and new TV series is good
random-stranger: *laughs* true.
kaitou: but anyway, keiichi is living with a goddess
kaitou: but, well, bell is a goddess, keiichi is not
random-stranger: which is pretty cool...and her two sisters, also
kaitou: doesn't this mean that keiichi will get old and die while belldandy is forever youthful?
kaitou: What happens after keiichi dies?
kaitou: Does belldandy just go back to business (the goddesss office) like nothing happened?
random-stranger: got a point there....but can't belldandy use her powers or something?
kaitou: XD that's what I thought
kaitou: "ah, belldandy would probably age gracefully with keiichi, although she cannot die"
random-stranger: no....she prolly goes and ...umm...I dunno...mourn foreva or sumthing
kaitou: and then since japan is buddhist in death ceremonies, maybe belldandy would find keiichi's reincarnation
random-stranger: what if his reencarnation was something a snail or something?
kaitou: I guess she'd love the snail
random-stranger: If she doesn't smash it by accident, or drop it
kaitou: but since keiichi's soul is cursed with the star of misfortunes, I don't think he'd be born as anything less than human. The guy's got such good karma a goddesss came to live with him, after all.
random-stranger: right....then what if he was reborn as a lil girl or omething?
random-stranger: something*
kaitou: eh, but it'd still be keiichi.
kaitou: XD eh, buddhism is special.
random-stranger: isn't your memory partilly erased when you're rencarnated?
kaitou: Most people do not remember their past lives.

For those of you who have watched episode 1 of aa megami sama, the 2005 release, you may remember the narrator explaining why keiichi is so unfortunate, and why belldandy is going to help keiichi, and then the last question: "Is this a blessing for Keiichi, or another misfortune from the star of misfortunes?"

So, what does everyone else think? Is Belldandy a blessing or a curse?
And while on the topic of megami sama... A fanart I drew
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Postby Keffria on Sat Apr 16, 2005 9:17 am

Wow, they're making a new series? Haha, I have to keep up with that sort of thing. (And I really should finish reading that manga...)

Erm, I suppose I'll have to wait to voice my opinion until I finish one or the other. :oops:
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