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Fansubs and Scanslations

Postby Wp on Sun Nov 14, 2004 6:12 am

It seems this forum has been resurrected, but it's still a little slow, so here's another topic!

Does anyone here read scanslations or watch fansubs of the new anime? I want to hear about what you think is good, especially manga, so that maybe I can get more reading material. I'm not a big fan of the anime that has come out of late (SunaBouzu may be good, but I haven't seen enough), so here are some of my manga favorites:

Comedy: Yakitate Japan, Midori no Hibi (both by
Shoujo: Zettai Kareshi (
Sports: Hajime no Ippo (
Fanservice: Ichigo 100% ( for now)
Mystery/Murder: Psychometrer Eiji ( but release is SLOW)
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