another Guest comic from Zan's girlfriend

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another Guest comic from Zan's girlfriend

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I wisely left the state upon the uploading of that comic.
I am far from the relative safety of my own home state, and I'm contemplating buying Zan a Cheesehead hat. I think it's something sufficiently apt for my simon persona. *thinks about plying Zan with guest comic of Simon in cheesehead....* hmm.
Anyway. n'joy my first attempt at a guest comic having absconded with my boyfriend's tablet to draw it with. The darn thing is a fox. I often feel that it has a immeasurable past, one that it hides quite well. I seem to recall having seen it on a streetcorner in the red light district many years ago. Devious thing.
Here's where Simon takes over completely: That tablet is ghostly. like it's been made of the bones of a thousand manetees. I am unsettled by it's all-knowingness.

Note Alison and Vincent in the background? I'd hoped.
merry whosiwhatsit.

-Lucy/Simon, currently the darling of the midwest...or wherever the hell I am.

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