If You Can't See Images on Keenspace

If You Can't See Images on Keenspace

Postby Dustin on Wed Feb 25, 2004 7:10 pm

Here is the problem, and how to fix it, and some of the idiocy behind it. I'm going to link this off the front page too.

Phalanx wrote:Why your images and comics aren't loading:
Basically, Keenspace has an anti-hotlinking system which does not allow images in the /images and /comics folders to be linked from outside the site.

That means that you can link your images from only within your Keenspace site. (Actually, it also works via siteadmin, but that's another story)

Now, an unfortunate side-effect of this is on certain 'protection' systems such as Norton Firewall, the images do not show up because the method Norton uses to access the pictures makes Keen think it's hotlinking them. (Or something like that anyway. Do correct me if I'm wrong. I don't own Norton Firewall, so I can't explain it very well)

Anyway, this will explain why it seems to work for some computers and not for others.

How to Fix Norton Firewall For Keenspace
(Taken from another post here.

  • Open the "Norton Personal Firewall" and click "Options" in the top menu and select "Personal Firewall".
  • Click the "Web Content" tab
  • Click "Add Site" located in the bottom left and enter "*.keenspace.com" then click "Ok".
  • Highlight "*.keenspace.com" in the list of sites and then on the right uncheck the "Use default settings" on the "Information about visited sites" section and set it to "Permit"
  • Click "Ok" at the bottom of the window and close the "Norton Personal Firewall" window.
  • Refresh your web browser and you should see the site.

You can only link images such as banners and avatar pictures through SiteAdmin, using the Banners Option. See Faub's Banner Guide (which is in the FAQ thread) for more details.

Kisai wrote:Incidently, the antihotlinking is probably set to "somewhat overkill", that's why Norton and co keep breaking the images. I'll probably have the option of turning it off for sites that have efficient page loads, but I'd rather people just stop hotlinking stuff.

Give a little, take a lot as most people do.

Before I came on board, the (Tor) system was constantly crashing because it was overloaded perpetually. Then By the time things moved to Boardy and YDK the systems were no longer being totally raped by bad web spiders and people using it for dumpsites.

You know, all it takes is one fark or slashdot to kill any poorly configured server. The antihotlinking prevents getting "farked" , but not slashdotting. There is no way to stop a slashdotting other than disabling everything but the html on all sites. Which is not an option.

People who post images hotlinked in their journals do both the journal service and keenspace a disfavour as it makes people who didn't want to download it, download it, and it results in wasted loads from the keenspace server.

Page scrapers are also a disservice, as they find ways to pull the image data off the site, without looking at the site. Keenspace was extremely easy to overload by being hit with just one page scraper, because such software is usually poorly configured and will open up 400 simultaneous connections to the server.

The Guide banners solve part of the anti-hotlinking problem, as the guide does not have the anti-hotlinking, and the most hotlinked material is banners. The Guide, strangely enough has a pageload pull itself (html to non-html KB's) last time I checked that was about on the "break even" level.

The forums I would "enable" hotlinking to if nate gives me access to the forums source code so I can fix inefficiencies in it and put the ad code in it correctly. No ads are currently shown on the forums, so I can't enable that.
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