Postby Narshero on Thu Aug 29, 2002 7:51 pm

Hey ElCid, it's your friendly neighborhood Cybercamps coworker, James! I've been working on a comic of my own, called O.C. Geek. Unfortunately, I signed up for space on KeenSpace about a month ago, and still haven't gotten any word back on when i'm to be hosted. Anyway, my e-mail is an address you can't see (you may want to edit that out of the message afterwards, if you have the power to do so) and i'll try to let you know when i get stuff up. BTW, remind me to talk to you about Flash.

Edit done.
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Postby El Cid on Fri Aug 30, 2002 8:49 pm

Why hello there James. I'm suprised you had the courage to post here. This is possibly the deadest forum I've ever known. :lol:

So is this the "Room 1337" we discussed? If so, pleace feel free do use anything I contributed. I'm not turning mine into a college based strip any time soon, so they'd just be wasted on me.

Keenspace kind of does that. Joe over at Pickle Jar waited three months for his account. They've been pretty busy with their server, but I think they just started making new acounts again. Just make sure to e-mail them if you have any troubles. They're very helpful when you ask.

Thanks for dropping in.[/url]
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