We're back! :)

We're back! :)

Postby Pegasus316 on Mon Jul 01, 2002 11:37 am

Hey everyone!

As can be plainly seen, TnT is back up and running again! :)

We can all thank Gaby for doing ALL of the work on the site over the past few months, folks. : P I've been so busy with Wandering Trials, and now PowerGamers as well, that I haven't really devoted the time that I should have been to this strip.

Well, now that it's back up and running, I will most definitely be helping Gaby to take some of the burden off her shoulders. She's still got Redmoon to eventually work on, after all. ;)

Anywho, to all of you who've stuck around patiently waiting for us to get the ball rolling again, your wait is over! :) The new story format oughtta be able to give us a little more direction with the characters. So, let's see what happens, huh? :)

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