wahhhh! RYUU-SAMA!

wahhhh! RYUU-SAMA!

Postby MoDeRnAzNvAmPiReEfFeY on Thu Sep 12, 2002 12:14 pm

NEEEE!!! Effey wanna see happy Ryuuichi bunny!!!!
^^ *effey ran around otakon taking pictures of like every gravi and yamimatsu cosplayers hehe...but there was only a group and a random person who did yamimatsu that i saw...hehe we did yamimatsu....but then had to change cuz we wanted to be DeG*
weee! ryuu-sama!
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Postby Mandichan on Sat Sep 14, 2002 6:56 pm

http://ecoicepure.tripod.com/shoujocon/ <----- Here are our Shoujocon photos, including me as puppy Shuichi and Anch as bunny Ryuichi~~! XD

(Marty was going to be Sakano-san, but he didn't... ToT)

There weren't too many YamiMatsu cosplays at Otakon, it was a little dissapointing T_T I actually only saw 1 Tsuzuki, I saw more online though... ToT

You should try going to Shoujocon next year, there was a bunch of cosplayers from each!! I didn't get a bunch of them cause something happened with the camera ToT

Anyway, I'll look out for you next year at Otakon ;D
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