Shoujocon was fun!!

Shoujocon was fun!!

Postby Mandichan on Mon Jul 22, 2002 5:24 am

All of us from Blase Biscotti were chilin this year at shoujocon giving out flyers for shounen ai go!! We gave out over 100!!!! If you got one, yay!!!! It was nice to meet 1 fan and also potential fans ^_^ Please feel free to post here if you were at shoujocon as well!!

Also I was very busy last week making costumes (Gravitation's puppy Shuichi and bunny Ryuichi ^o^), but don't worry, after this week (Otakon preparation & Ecoice costume!! ^_^) I'll be able to finish the inking/toning on the next few pages!!! Thanks!!!!!!

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