Postby Matt Trepal on Tue Nov 26, 2002 4:31 pm

Johnny Mnemonic is a BAD movie, and not representative of either Gibson's fiction in general or that story in particular. My impression was that, when Gibson heard that somebody wanted to make a movie of one of his stories, got them to throw in lots of other items from his fiction. If you've read his stuff you can pick out all sorts of items that are really from other stories.

The corporations in Gibson's work aren't evil, they're just big. And they control a lot because (at least, this is how I interpret it) they stepped in after a fairly nasty war between NATO and the USSR that knocked all the industrialized governments back a few paces. Little destruction to the physical infrastructure, but hard knocks to the civil authorities left a vacuum that the corporations filled.

As for your other comments, I work in government, I don't want to control people, and that's not why I got into this business. Implying that I do is little different than implying that all large corporations are evil.
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Postby Kellogg on Tue Nov 26, 2002 5:02 pm


I'm sorry if I implied that all Government workers are Evil Jack
Booted Government Thugs (tm). I really didn't mean that at all.

As with any group of people: everyone is an individual. There are good
honest, hardworking people in Government who want to help the citizens
and there are people who want power. There are good, honest
hardworking people in Business who want to create new things that will
make our lives better, and there are greedy people who just want money
for themselves. There are good, honest hardworking people in the Mass
Media who want to inform everyone of what they need to know, and there
are lying people who just want to twist the facts and manipulate people.

Good and bad, hardworking and lazy, smart and stupid. Every sort of
characterisitic you can ascribe to a person is in business or government.

But, I do think the potential for abuse by governments is far greater
than that by businesses. (What I know of history indicates as much.)
So I'm far more wary of just who is telling us that big businesses are
evil and big governments are good and what agenda they may or may
not have.

In any case, I did not mean to impune you in the slightest, and I
apologize for any offence. For a metaphor: It's your 'employers'
who I'm wary of. The guy in that Oval office changes on a regular
basis (fortunately.) And, I'm sorry to say, that I haven't always trusted
the guy who's in that position. Some of them have been good, honest
hardworking guys and some of them have been liars and crooks.

I'm sorry,

Scott Kellogg
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