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Off Topic: New album from Atomic City now shipping

PostPosted: Fri Oct 25, 2002 9:15 am
by Baxtrr
Please forgive the off-topic post, folks, but enough people here have expressed an interest before that I felt it wouldn't be too far astray to say something about this...

I am very pleased to announce the newest album on Atomic City:

after silence: metlay! live in denver

It is a complete and unedited recording of the first set of the recent Denver concert by Mike Metlay and Rudy Adrian. Rudy's set and the final duo set were not recorded (a good thing, as it turns out--when this album was announced, the head of Rudy's record label wrote me a very polite letter asking if HIS ARTIST appeared anywhere on a record I was trying to sell).

It's about 41 minutes long, and has only had top and tail silences removed and track IDs put in, otherwise it's warts and all. People who have heard it have said that it's alternately soothing and disturbing, very good headphone music for dark cold nights.

This is my first solo album release in almost seven years, and my first solo live work in over sixteen years... the end of a long silence.

It's a CD-R burned on a professional duplicator, each piece individually numbered and signed, packaged in a slimline jewelcase with furry art (!) on the front cover. (To get a hint of the style, see my 100,000 hit drawing for Scott in his gallery.) I have made only 50 copies, and half of them are gone already. When these are sold, that's it.

Please contact me via the "Contact" link on my website if you'd like to buy a copy. I may be able to arrange credit card sales for the last few stock copies if I can't sell them all directly by check, but we'll have to see. Oh, and each copy is $15, including postage anywhere in the world.

Thanks for your time.


PostPosted: Fri Oct 25, 2002 12:43 pm
by Kellogg
Yay Bax! :D

(And the money goes to help Bax's daughters in their search for a cure to being incredibly cute. :wink: )


PostPosted: Fri Oct 25, 2002 2:01 pm
by Baxtrr
Kellogg wrote:Yay Bax! :D

(And the money goes to help Bax's daughters in their search for a cure to being incredibly cute. :wink: )


Please give generously. My youngest daughter has discovered at age 22 months that her smile can melt concrete, and my eldest is just over seven and getting frighteningly good at wrapping grownups around her finger.

Oh, and Scotto, email me privately with your mailing address; that dress your Mom made Julia is now Lexie-sized, and I have a photo (bigger than the last one, I promise! Did I ever get you a properly sized print of that one rather than a miserable little keychain shot?) that she should see. There's a teddy bear partly in the way, but the dress looks even better on Lexie than it did on Julia.