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Welcome to the Offical PortSide Forum! Feel free to post all your rants/raves/ideas/criticisms/whatever (delete as applicable) about the comic here. (They make me say that <IMG SRC="http://www.keenspace.com/forums/frown.gif"> )<P>Unfortunately I'm too busy (and stressed) at the moment to get the strip truly started. The <A HREF="http://portside.keenspace.com/prologue.html" TARGET=_blank>prologue</A> strip needs to be fixed (I want the layout to look like what I've got pictured) before I start posting the main ones, and I still can't get the tags to work (the ad only works if the banner doesn't).<P>However, I've whipped up a quick <A HREF="http://icebreaker.keenspace.com/" TARGET=_blank>ice breaker</A>(it should be up soon) to give you an idea what it's about.<P>------------------
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