Postby YamiOokami on Mon Nov 25, 2002 9:42 pm

Hello, I'm a new fan! ^^ and you really do draw fantastically... I wish I could do anywhere near that well ><;
My friend gave me a link to the comic, and I liked it alot ^^
and I know the stresses of making a comic... mine's just not officially out yet, and it's a spritecomic until such a time when I can draw well ^^;

and note: my "site" link here's my deadjournal. feel free to look through it! this comic might as well be a journal... and a great one at that ^^
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And the page prospers on...

Postby Blindsided Lover on Mon Dec 02, 2002 7:15 pm

Hey Rach see you got fans.
And it ain't just me, uhh yeah that is all...Wait! No it isn't, get online so we can talk huh?!? By the by your my bestest friend.
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Fanfare-fans# Unknown

Postby DUartist on Mon Jan 06, 2003 1:35 pm

Of course the great-Rachel as fans, there just a little shy that's all. ^_^
Last time i heard. including me as a fan has well she was up to 3 fans, so she should be up to 4 or 6 fans now. . . .Oh wait i forgot to add the three zeros after the 4 and 6. And her new drawing style is also fabulously L33T! Drawing in Chibi style & you shouldn't worry if your not updating regularly like other web comics, this is suppose to be a fun hobbie & not a force task to work on. Just have fun & keep up having crazy adventures.
See ya!
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