*sings* without you...

Postby Immortal_lelio on Sat Apr 13, 2002 11:44 am

i'm lonely here. so i'm posting. ^-^

why does no one play in the forums any more? is it because there haven't been any comics lately? if so, i'm sorry. ^-^; real life has kicked my butt. i've been sick for a week now, and before that it was spring break - but there were updates then so mlah! ^-^

there's going to be bookoo updates next week if it kills me. i've allready made that pretty clear to everyone i've talked to one-on-one. plus some uh "surprises" i guess you could call them. so, yes. it'll be fun. ^-^

play in the forums guys! i miss you!
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Postby Nirvanakid on Tue Apr 16, 2002 6:25 pm

yay! more comics. :smile:
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