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Walkin' in a winter wonderland...

PostPosted: Wed Oct 30, 2002 4:09 pm
by Magicide
As a typical Canadian I like playing up to Americans about Canada's 12 month winter, polar bears and igloos... I can't always tell if they aren't just playing along or if they really are that gullible. But...

In Edmonton, we've had a fairly cold, dry fall and like last year we weren't expecting permanent snow until late November or so. But, we were (un)lucky enough to get a good 3 or 4 days dump over the past week or so and then weather above melting during the day and -15-20 C at night to freeze it into ice. This sets the stage for many traffic accidents and havoc all around. I however managed to make it too and from work without any problems.

Then, last night I decided about 6:30 to go to 7-11 and get a slurpee... It's cold so it's good to have a slurpee :) I put on my fall jacket since it's only -10 and decide to walk the two blocks. I think I made it two steps onto the driveway, slipped and nailed my head on the pavement. I woke up in the hospital with a concussion and was told I'd been outside for about an hour and a half. My mom had decided to take the dog for a walk and just as she stepped outside she finds me sound asleep in the falling snow, very very white. They called an ambulance and there was much fun. Now today I'm back home and having a hard time living this down.

This random encounter with gravity has taught me two things:
1) Snow does not cussion your head from the concrete
2) Slurpees will be the death of me (In Grade 6 I was nailed by a car on the way home from 7-11. Spent 3 weeks unsure if my face would look like the Phantom of the Opera)

As I look at it, a few days off work is a chance to read some new comics and time to play Earth & Beyond (SpaceCrack). If this had happened during University classes I would be greatly irked, but it's all good fun except for the throbbing.

Anyways, all of this is just to tell all of you living in warmer climates that I hate you all so very very much..

PostPosted: Wed Oct 30, 2002 4:36 pm
by Krazy Krow
Ahahaha. Maybe tv has desensitized me, but that sounds hilarious if you imagine it with sound effects and Bob Saget doing a voiceover.

I feel your pain though, I delivered flyers one winter in Calgary. The absolute worst was when someone's dog would piss on the sidewalk, leaving a giant slick of yellow ice.

Kyoto is about 10-13 C right now, but it feels fairly cold due to humidity and the fact that I was sissified by the 40 C summer. Unfortunately, the dorm I live in has no heating right now. The dorm manager won't turn it on until November 1st, leaving my room friggin' cold for the past week. I've taken to wearing my winter coat indoors, and sleeping fully dressed.

Anyways, glad to hear your concussion is only minor. An uncle of mine had a concussion so severe the doctors had to saw the top of his skull off to let his brain swell without crushing itself.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 31, 2002 8:51 am
by Gymkata Warrior
Sounds like me when our power was out for 8 days. I think the warmest it got was about 20 F. I had to pile all my clothes on my bed at night to help me keep from freezing. And I still had to go to work, which luckily had a generator, so we didnt all freeze. After a week with no heat, I started thinking of all the items in my house I could burn to keep from getting frostebite.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 31, 2002 9:31 am
by Rhythm
I live in australia.
at the moment we have about 19C minimum to a 25C maximum... bit chilly for spring.
but we had a pretty cold winter too you know... I swear it was down to maybe 2 degrees on occasion.



That felt good.


PostPosted: Thu Oct 31, 2002 9:41 am
by The Eagle and Child
Hope you speedily recuperate in your igloo.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 31, 2002 4:34 pm
by IAmMe
Hmm, I had a similar experience a few years ago, I had a lump the size of a melon (ok so i exagirate a little). It gets icy here too but it only lasts a week or so usualy.

It was a strange experiance for me, weather wise, when I visited Canada. In England it was 10C, I flew to Toronto, which is actualy SOUTH of where I live and it was -8C with snow on the ground. Then when I went home it was WARMER in Toronto than Newcastle (-1C to -4C). I missed all of the warmer weather in both places. NOT FAIR!! :x

I was warned not to go to Canada in the winter, but that's when the hockey season is, I'm a hockey fan, I HAD to go see a NHL game, and I got one up on the players on my local team, i went to the hall of fame and got to touch the Stanly Cup (when the man was looking the other way) even the captain was green with envy *evil laugh*

I'm just going to go and gloat for a while :wink:

PostPosted: Thu Oct 31, 2002 8:41 pm
by Krazy Krow
Canada is the land of hockey. We should take the maple leaf off our flag, and replace it with a hockey stick.

Today it's 14 C or so, but fairly rainy. My feet are soaked, I need some of those 4" platform boots that are popular here.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 01, 2002 2:12 pm
by Magicide
Here I have a few days off work and plan all sorts of things I could do to spend that free time. Instead I end up sleeping about 14 hours a day.

As much as we b*tch and moan about it for the first week or so after getting a dump of snow and frigid temperatures, I wouldn't want to spend too long away from it. Hockey, skiing and excessive video gaming are all hallmarks of living in an excessively cold climate.

The only bad thing about living so far north I think is the lack of sun. I start work at 7:30 AM and get off work at 5:00 PM. I work inside a military warehouse (supposedly) designed to withstand a nuclear attack. Thus no windows.. About December or so I go to work while it's dark and come out while it's dark.. Gets on your mind after awhile. Though we get the opposite effect in the summer, long days make for good nights.

As for the Stanley cup.. If you are a hockey fan you likely know most of this, but if not:

When the Oiler's won the cup so many times in the 80's my dad went to the strip club across from the Coliseum and got his picture taken with Messier and the cup... It's placed lovingly on the mantle where my mom can glare at it :)

PostPosted: Sun Nov 03, 2002 7:53 pm
I strongly recommend The Arrogant Worms' 'Me Like Hockey' for all of you guys.
Nothing like uber-patriotic Canadian comedy bands! :D

PostPosted: Sun Nov 03, 2002 8:55 pm
by Krazy Krow
10 C today, but the increased humidity has led to a rate of heat transfer roughly equivalent to that of O C Calgary.

Captain Tractor or whatever the song is called is good too.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 04, 2002 12:10 am
by Magicide
The Last Saskatchewan Pirate...

The Arrogant Worms are really good live, they have good audience participation.

Btw, nice pic Krow.

I think it might be true though, we Canadians out west really are backwards hicks. A family friend from Quebec came to visit for the weekend. We agreed to make a regional dinner for each other. I decided to make big T-Bone steaks and every had a good meal. She decided to make crepes (sp?). She made the crepe pancake for each of us and told us to start while she made hers. She turns back a minute later to see we had put the whipped cream and strawberries in, rolled it up and were eating them like burritos. She just sat there going red before she burst out laughing.. I guess it's bad manners to eat them like a burrito. But what do Quebecers know anyways..

How about you Krow, any unintentional social blunders in Japan that seemed like common sense until someone told you?

PostPosted: Wed Nov 06, 2002 5:29 pm
by IAmMe
Cool channel 5 are starting to show the NHL again, to bad they show it live, that means 1:30am over here, still only 10 minutes to go :D :D :D

PostPosted: Wed Nov 06, 2002 6:15 pm
by Krazy Krow
Heheh, crepe burritos. A Japanese co-worker of mine who studied in the US for a period said he was sick of, "food between two pieces of bread or wrapped up in bread." That basically describes 90% of the North American diet :)

Worst unintentional blunder... I'm doing pretty good for the most part. Except one time I was asked to call over a waiter at a restaraunt, so I yelled out, "OIIII!!" I think they're expected to just see your hand in the air here.

There was also a time when I had to change into gym strip for treadmill testing, so I just barged into the change room without knocking. Turns out it's co-ed and a girl was in there at the time. She prevented me from opening the door, which was fortunate. Otherwise I would have had a geyser of blood spray from my nose, and she would punch me so hard I would fly 50 feet in the air.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 06, 2002 7:10 pm
by Magicide
Sweet sweet NHL...

If only my team didn't suck. Stupid Oilers.

I think the thing that would drive me nuts about Japan is the baseball. I like playing it, but the game is normally so slow to watch and Japanese baseball is slower than MLB.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 07, 2002 4:52 pm
by IAmMe
Oilers? Ah so you're from Edmonton, my friends girlfriend is from there.
At least you have an NHL team I've got to go 3000 miles to actualy go to an NHL game. (wow did it cost me some money to get in :o )

PostPosted: Thu Nov 07, 2002 5:31 pm
by Magicide
Edmonton would be a great sports city if it weren't for the fact that our teams suck... The Oilers are doing badly and the Trappers baseball team generally gets stomped in the US. At least the CFL Edmonton Eskimos are doing ok..

I won tickets to Grey Cup on the radio so I know where I'm going to be that day :D